Why does my appointment status show “UNCONFIRMED”


Thank you for making an online legal advice appointment with us.

If you received an email after making an appointment for legal advice with us with an UNCONFIRMED status, it means that two (2) steps still need to take place before your appointment can be confirmed. The steps are as follows:

  1. Advance payment needs to take place; and
  2. the confirmation of the date and time for the legal advice consultation.

Once payment has been made and proof sent to us, we shall contact you via the email address your provided to arrange and / or confirm the consultation date and time. You will then receive an email with a status: CONFIRMED.

Therefore, in order to confirm your legal advice appointment, and secure a legal advice consultation with us, kindly proceed to make an advance payment in the sum of R 900 – 00 for the legal advice consultation via one of the following platforms:

1.Online, via our payment gateway.  Click here, to take you there.

  • Via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into the following banking account:
    •    Account holder: Corporate Business and Legal Consultancy CC
    •    Institution: Absa
    •    Branch code: 632005
    •    Account number: 4071053874
  •  Amount: R 900 – 00
    •    When making payment via EFT, or cash deposit, kindly send proof of payment to us via a reply to this email. This would speed up the process.

The terms and conditions to the consultation which you agreed to when arranging the consultation online, or via our agent can be viewed by clicking on this link, terms and conditions. Please do not proceed with making payment and / or confirming the appointment’s date and time until you have read the terms and conditions.
You are welcome to contact us on 0211110090, or reply to this email, should you have any queries. We are looking forward to providing you with quality family law advice.

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Tel.: 0211110090
Website.: www.ourlawyer.co.za


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