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How do you go about getting custody of a child?

Gaining child custody can be a dreadful legal battle as parents often make irrational decisions based on their own emotions and not that of their child/children.  Often, the legal expert will be referring to the Children’s Act as a guideline to the way forward.

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The focus of the Children’s Act however, is on the child’s rights rather than the rights of parents and highlights the best interest of the child.

In turn, the legal expert will guide the parents along the way should parents be too self-absorbed in the tension and conflict of a divorce.  Our legal consultancy boast a well experienced, professional, family legal expert who will be advising you through the process.


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For more details on how to gain child custody, click on the articles below which contain free, expert legal advice:

How to go about getting joint custody?

Joint custody however, will require both parents to be on the same page as both parents will share in the access of the child. In this case, having a parenting plan professionally drafted may be ideal. A parenting plan simply places things into perspective and help them establish a common ground for the sake of the child.

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At Our Lawyer Pty Ltd, we are professional legal drafters and can draft you a parenting plan that reflects the rights, responsibilities and best interests of the child.

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Our law offices offers a range of legal products and services for your convenience that can be of help to you. To download our free legal products, click on the following links below:

Free Basic Will Tool Kit

Free Shariah Will Template

Free Divorce Starter Tool Kit

Free Child Maintenance Calculator

Free DIY Urgent Child Contact Toolkit

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