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Types of domestic violence

It is a sad state of affairs to find that woman and children are the most vulnerable targets when it comes to domestic violence and abuse. How do we put an end to this vicious cycle?

There have specific laws that have been implemented for protection against such vile acts. Unfortunately, many victims are too ashamed and fearful of taking the steps to protect themselves against domestic violence and abuse.

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Often, we mistake domestic violence as only physical and this is not the case. Below are some brief examples of the different types of domestic violence and abuse:

  • Control
  • Physical
  • Emotional and Domination
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Economic Abuse
  • Physiological Abuse

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What causes domestic violence?

There are many reason why people find themselves in abusive homes and relationships. The need to control the other party is often caused by a low –esteem, inferior complexes, personal beliefs, jealousy and so forth.

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During our years of dealing with domestic violence, we have found each circumstance to be unique within their own and found in some cases that traditional beliefs also factors in. Some people may believe that woman aren’t equal to men coupled with their own stereotypical ideas.

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How does the Domestic Violence Act protect citizens?

The Domestic Violence Act 116 or 1198, was introduced to afford woman the right to protect themselves by which they can enforce their rights legally if they fear for their life. The Act highlights that domestic violence is a serious offense and should be taken serious.

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Victims of domestic violence, woman and children that is, can now stand up for themselves by virtue of a protection order or restraining order. Perpetrators can also face imprisonment as the Act recognizes domestic violence is a serious crime.

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