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Our law offices boast a professional legal expert in divorce, child maintenance, child custody and other family legal matters. Our consultancy thrive to bring you professional legal services that’s easily accessible through our website.

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Divorces can be a tough legal battle for many because a lot is at play when there are children involved. During our years of experience, we often found that additional legal problems arise – such as child custody and child maintenance which opens a whole new can of worms.

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When it comes to divorce, there are two types: contested/opposed or uncontested/unopposed divorce. An opposed divorce can make matters very complex and take over years whereas the unopposed divorce can be done over 3 weeks.

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It is however, true the manner in which a divorce can unfold will depend on the religious nature of marriage. For instance, is it a civil marriage or civil union? A court order will then be required under such circumstance.

Getting divorce in the High Court can be a costly, time consuming legal affair due to flooded court rolls and postponed dates. Thankfully, one can now resort to getting a divorce through the Regional Court of the Magistrates’ Court which in turn, lessens the plight of the High Court.

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For unopposed divorce, speak to our family legal expert today and have some direction as the way forward to getting your divorce done. You can also find out more about our DIY divorce service which is less costly and time consuming.

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We have now made our legal products and services easily accessible from our website by placing them directly onto our home page; making our home page easy to navigate.

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