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Non Compliance with Court Order Divorce

All parents ought to see to their children’s needs whether married or unmarried. The court however, need not intervene when parents have informally agreed to see to the maintenance of the child. Most times however, divorced parents do not see eye to eye and seek the court’s intervention for child support.

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Our law offices boast a well experienced family legal expert who can offer you quality legal advice in child maintenance, child custody and divorce legal matters. During our years of experience, we’ve found that parties usually resort to a maintenance order when they don’t see eye to eye. A maintenance order is a direct legal instruction for the parent to pay child support – failure in doing so is a serious offense.

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Breach of Court Order

It is not uncommon to find that a parent fails to pay maintenance irrespective of the court order that was granted. When this happens, the following must be done:

  • A formal complaint must be laid at your closest maintenance office
  • The maintenance office will hold a record of a series of payments that’s been made previously and this record will automatically reflect a lapse payment as well.
  • If the parent happens to be employed and still refuse to pay maintenance, the court may enforce an order to get the maintenance from the work directly.
  • When a court order is in place and the other party refuses to pay regardless, the court will call them in. On this day, the court will hear them out as to why they have disobeyed the maintenance order and it will be expected for the other parent to pay all maintenance owed. Failure to comply with the maintenance order means that they will go to jail.
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For more information on non-compliance with a maintenance order, speak to your family law legal expert today and call our offices for an online appointment today.

Maintenance Arrears Enforcement

Are you in arrears with maintenance and fear the legal consequence of this?

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It is time you speak to your family legal expert and have some direction with the way forward. The court take a lot into consideration before passing judgment as to how much maintenance should be paid. Call our law offices on 021 424 3487 and have an online appointment made for you for a professional legal consultation today. Should you be residing out of Cape Town, then feel free to call our national number on 087 701 1124 today.

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