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Child custody and legal advice…

Like any other family legal matter, child custody involves a number of factors. When it comes to the legal aspect, the Children’s Act is used as a guideline on how to go about parental legal rights.

We’ve found child custody disputes to be very tragic legal battles because the children always happens to be the middle of it all. Because of this, the family legal expert at hand will always try to guide the matter in a legal manner that is best for the child and not the parents. This is where the expert legal advice and guidance of the legal expert comes in handy.

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Parents will have to make important, life changing decisions for the betterment of their children. With that being said, we’ve only found this possible when the parents understand how child custody in South Africa works. It is hereby essential that the parents make a choice that will impact their children the least. We therefore encourage parents to try and work in close collaboration so as to reach an agreement on visitation rights and the child’s residence.

Divorce and child custody…

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It is often thought that the mother is generally more preferred to have custody of a child. In the eyes of the court, in a divorce, both parents are seen as equivalents unless a child would really be at risk in the care of the one other parent. The court will take a number of factors into consideration, especially the child’s well-being, when deciding on the child’s primary residence.

 An online family law consultancy…

As a family law consultancy, we understand the importance of moving with the dynamic nature of technology and therefore introduced our online operation. Other than being highly efficient and convenient, this method also shows that we are serious about making life easier for the layperson.

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Should you be residing out of the South Africa, consulting with us will not be a problem. We are able to conduct legal consultations online, face to face or Skype / video call for your convenience.

Child custody online legal appointment…

We are family law Consultancy that offers a range of legal services and products. Once the layperson sees a legal service that they require, they may call our offices for a legal appointment. Our friendly receptionist is always willing to go the extra mile by setting up the online legal appointment for you.

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Being a family law legal consultancy, means that we operate by professional legal consultation which is done by appointment only. Previously it was a mandatory for the layperson to have consultation form printed, fill out details manually then have it scanned back to us.  This is no longer the case. With our online appointment system, our receptionist sets the appointment up for you there and then while on the phone. No long, complicated details but just the basic information required for your professional legal consultation.  Call our offices today and have your legal appointment booked online immediately.

After the appointment for child custody…

It is crucial to note that having your legal consultation booked for child custody, does not mean that it is official. The person in question will have time to consult with their spouse or find out more about our expertise on our website. The time and date for consultation will be confirmed once payment has been made in advance date of the consultation to take place.

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During your legal consultation, you will have a well experienced family legal expert who will be advising and guiding you through the process.

Family law legal queries for child custody, divorce and child maintenance…

We are highly accommodating towards our clients and believe in making life easier for them. In the grander scheme of things, we have also initiated an online platform on our website. Yes, we’ve now made it possible for you to share your thoughts and post your legal questions.

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On an easy read website, on the home page, you will immediately notice the “Post a family law question on…” thus enabling the layperson to post their legal question in any family law topic they deem fit. These range from:

  1. Ante-nuptial Contracts
  2. Changing your Matrimonial Property Regime
  3. Child Maintenance / Support
  4. Child Custody / Visitation / Access
  5. Divorce
  6. Domestic Violence
  7. Parenting Plans

As this is not an online legal consultation, questions should therefore be kept short and to the point. So go ahead and connect with us today and have you online appointment made!

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