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About Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd

About Our Legal and Business Practice

Thank you for enquiring about our Legal and Business Practice. We provide simplified solutions to complex legal problems.  This website is your convenient online gateway to professional South African family law legal services and advice. With us family matters, and we know it does with you too.

The concept of Family is not only a biological one, but it’s also a legally enforceable one. In other words, the law enforces family rights and responsibilities. For example, just by being family, you inherit or have an obligation to maintain your spouse.  We host a range of family law articles, on various topics, which includes child maintenance, child custody, divorce, and domestic violence. We, therefore, welcome you to our website, and to engage with us.

Families are important to us. Family values should be cemented and mended when necessary. Unfortunately, the law should sometimes step in, to enforce and protect your family rights. Therefore, if you are refused contact to your child, we will ensure that you are properly advised on the law and how to enforce your rights. The same applies to divorces, domestic violence, and child maintenance, to mention a few. On the other fringes, we also assist in drafting Ante-nuptial contracts, last wills and testaments, and the creation of Family Trusts, among other things. All things considered, our service is excellent, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The same applies to business legal services.

Legal Advice Appointment - Online

Legal Advice Appointment – Online

Efficient Family Legal Services and Advice

In today’s modern age, people rarely have time to waste.  You can, therefore, expect speedy and efficient family legal and business services from us. We accordingly pride ourselves in making family legal services more accessible to the public. With the use of modern technology, we service clients everywhere in South Africa and abroad. For this reason, if you cannot make your way to our offices, we can consult via telephone, Skype or FaceTime. Your convenience is our priority. Therefore, should you require any of our services or legal advice, feel free to make an appointment online and have a consultant advise you professionally. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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