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Child Maintenance Advice -Johannesburg

ByOur Lawyer

Child Maintenance Advice -Johannesburg

Maintenance Court Johannesburg

There are number of child maintenance courts in Johannesburg.

Below are local maintenance courts that could be close to your area:

  • Johannesburg Family Court Centre – Magistrates’ Court
  • Johannesburg Central Magistrate Court – Magistrates’ Court
  • Hillbrow Magistrates Court – Magistrates’ Court

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To claim child maintenance/child support, you should visit your closest maintenance court in your area.

Maintenance Court Procedure

Find out where about is the closest magistrates’ court in your area and pay them a visit. The following will be required:

  • Birth certificate of your child/children.
  • Your identity document.
  • Proof of residence.
  • A divorce settlement.
  • Proof of your monthly income and expenses.
  • The personal details of the parent required to pay maintenance such as their name, surname physical and work address.
  • Copy of your bank statement.

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In attempt to claim maintenance, you will have to fill in a detailed form stipulated by the Magistrate’s Court. This form shall request all details regarding your income and expenses – lighter expenses such as entertainment and pocket money are also included. Expenses of parents and the child are however, listed separately.

The court however, will take a number of factors into consideration when stipulating the amount of maintenance that should be paid. Both parent’s income will be analysed and the court’s decision will be based accordingly.

Child Maintenance Calculator

Our Lawyer Pty Ltd introduced a range of free legal products and services for your convenience.

The child maintenance calculator. gives you a better understanding on how much maintenance you should be claiming or receiving.

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Child Maintenance Office numbers

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37 comments so far

mandlaPosted on3:01 pm - Mar 28, 2018

just some advise I suspect the child I am currently paying maintenance for is not my child what can I do I order to that first I verify the paternity of the child legal and secondly what the steps to follow in order to settle this matter legal as well

VirginiaPosted on8:17 pm - Apr 20, 2018

I want to go to maintenance court and do the application my problem is that I don’t know the physical address/ work address of the person but I have his phone numbers, can they summoned him using phone please help

    Our LawyerPosted on7:01 pm - Apr 26, 2018

    Good day. The courts have maintenance investigators to assist in matters like this. We therefore advise that you approach the maintenance called as soon as possible.

Tsakane MthethwaPosted on7:54 am - May 23, 2018

Good Morning

I have been receiving maintenance from my ex husband but now hes coming up with excuses and i need to apply for him to be garnished. we work for the same company. Whats is the process

SlindilePosted on2:18 pm - Aug 4, 2018

Good Day,the father of my two kids is maintenance payer but when the children were on holiday with him during the past winter holidays he defaulted.Reason being that they were with him so he felt that automatically wouldnt have to pay.Can you please assist me on what steps I should take regarding this matter.

Charmaine SitholePosted on10:26 am - Aug 6, 2018

Hi am currently five months pregnant and the person responsible said he doesn’t want anything to do with me and the baby.He suggested I have abortion of which I didn’t agree with it.U don’t want to leave this matter till it late.Hes working and can afford to support the child am currently unemployed @the moment it hard having to go clinic and visit a gynaecologist now and again.My worry is that he can change the address where he’s currently staying but I know where he works a big company.I don’t have the energy to fight or neither to call him.It clear to me that I’ve been sleeping with an animal.Please if you can assist

THABOPosted on5:25 pm - Aug 8, 2018

Hi my name is Thabo I have a child with my ex girl friend but we broke up when the child was 1 year old now since then it is hard for me to see the child I have asked both my ex girlfriend and her mother to go with me to family court because Its a must as the father of the child to maintain or support the child but they refused and asked me to give them money they can do everything but I don’t want that I need everything to be in papers and done legally

please assist I also want to spend some time with my child

AnniePosted on1:47 pm - Sep 30, 2018

The father of son he pay 1000 amonth. When ask if he can increase the money. He said not gone pay extra

    Our LawyerPosted on3:12 pm - Sep 30, 2018

    Good day
    You need to approach the maintenance court in your area. They can institute an enquiry as to what is a fair amount the father should pay.

MmathaboPosted on7:18 am - Nov 2, 2018

Mornings, when a person is garnished, when does the next person get her money after pay day?

nninaPosted on11:28 am - Nov 5, 2018

hi im magdie m 32 yrs with 2 kids ,working as a contract, and doing office administration course ,,so does my father has powers to drop the maintannance?thank u

    Our LawyerPosted on4:15 pm - Nov 5, 2018

    Good day
    Your father has to pay maintenance to you if you are not self-supporting. Please visit the Maintenance court for assistance if you cannot afford to maintain yourself.

abuPosted on3:21 am - Nov 6, 2018

Hi I received a letter from the family court to pay for child maintenance, but the children are not mine. I was in a relationship with the lady and now she claim child support. How do I ask the court for a paternity test so I can proof to the court these children is not mine?

    Our LawyerPosted on5:05 pm - Nov 6, 2018

    Good day
    When you at court, then advise the court that you are not the father. They would then ask the mother, you and the child to go for a paternity test.

kagishoPosted on11:42 am - Nov 17, 2018

good day.need help want to apply for maintenance but the problem its that i don’t know where my baby daddy work right now, because he has been fired from the work place he was working before but i guess he find another job cause after the birth our baby he started to fight with me nd change the number,address as well.i used to talk to him via email and he threaten me.

he block me every where.can i get help please

    Our LawyerPosted on6:30 pm - Nov 17, 2018

    Good day
    The Maintenance Courts have investigators who can find the details of the father. We advise you to approach the maintenance court in your area as soon as possible.

Simelweyinkosi SibandaPosted on9:29 am - Nov 19, 2018

My brother is paying maintenance but is not allowed to see the child except if he comes with our parents so how do you prepare a Affidavit to complain about the situation

    Our LawyerPosted on4:27 pm - Nov 19, 2018

    He needs to visit the children’s court in the area where the child lives and make an application for an order to regularly see the child.

MandilakhePosted on10:27 am - Nov 20, 2018

Greetings I was supposed to be in court by the 14th of November 2018 for child DNA as the they say am a father but I couldn’t be there because I didn’t have enough money for traveling from Cape Town and to Mount Frere, so I need your advice what can I do to make things right before they arrest me

MandilakhePosted on10:31 am - Nov 20, 2018

What can happen to me if I didn’t attend child maintenance DNA test in court

Ndiphiwe KungwayoPosted on12:13 pm - Nov 20, 2018

My kids are staying with my ex wife and I see them every second weekend and we also alternate school holidays. Do I still have to pay maintenance when the kids are with me for December holidays for an example?

    Our LawyerPosted on7:11 pm - Nov 20, 2018

    If the Court order says you may pay each month, then you must. If there is no Order in place, you need to discuss this issue with the mother. She my have monthly expenses for the kids during that time. That is likely.

ZeePosted on11:05 pm - Nov 20, 2018

Hi. I am on a MAINTAINANCE trial for 2years now with the baby father, he was garnished R3000.00 for a 2year old child and still do not receive it since 3months ago.

He gets same salary as of mine yet he has loans and lies to have siblings paying for his lifetime investment s. Do I stand a Chance to win again because he’s against this garnish order and has applied for a set aside.

Please advice

Phindy JibaPosted on12:32 pm - Nov 26, 2018

Want to open case against father of child now for not paying maintenance since birth.

He is currently serving currently in prison and will be out next month on probation.

What impact does this case have on his probation? will he go back to jail?

Thabo JibaPosted on9:45 am - Nov 30, 2018

How true is it that if the father dies and yet still owing maintenance, in the event of death, the life policy will treat the maintenance court as a creditor and money will be paid? as opposed to not getting anything because child was not listed as a beneficiary…

TsholoPosted on1:29 am - Dec 1, 2018

I want to open a case for maintenance for the father of my child, he stop paying maintenance because I now have a boyfriend. Does the fact that I earn more than him count?

    Our LawyerPosted on12:55 pm - Dec 1, 2018

    Good day
    The father of your child still has a legal duty to maintain his child even if you earn more than him. His contribution may, however, be less. But the court would decide based on the facts of your case. We advise you approach the maintenance court as soon as possible.

Nombulelo mfundisiPosted on9:33 am - Dec 4, 2018

morning the father of my child is unemployed and his wife is employed so that they are married incommunity of property can i take the wife to maintenance court?

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