Domestic Violence Questions and Answers

Domestic Violence Services and Advice

Domestic Violence Questions and Answers

We introduced this Domestic Violence Questions and Answers page for you to post questions you may have on the topic. For example, if you want to know whether you should proceed with an application for a protection order, pose a question with some background facts. At the same time, should you be able to assist others who posted questions below, requiring some advice on Domestic Violence, please proceed and reply to their comments.

In that manner, we would all be able to assist each other and increase our online knowledge base. Therefore, although we are a legal consultancy, specialising in family law, you may have problems or experiences that we have not encountered. Let us share our knowledge of Domestic Violence.

There are various other family law resources on this website that you may find useful. For example, there is a downloadable child maintenance calculator. The resources may assist you with whatever questions you have, or information you require on Domestic Violence. Therefore, after posting your question, or any time after, have a look at the useful resources and information on our website. Some of these resources are listed hereafter.

Articles and Q&A

There is a range of legal articles on this website dealing with various family law issues. Some of these articles are straight forward, outlining the legal position on a family law-related topic. For example, how to apply for child maintenance, or how to get divorced.

Other articles are written in the form of answering a specific legal question. For example, do I pay maintenance if I am unemployed, or what do I do if I want to leave the country with my child, and the other parent does not want to provide consent? Those articles are in blog format. This means that you are welcome to comment or pose questions to increase our knowledge base. The clear idea behind our website is that we want to make family law legal information more accessible and available to the public.

Downloadable resources

We created some downloadable resources for free on this website. They are:

1 Free Basic Will Tool Kit

2. Free Shariah Will Template

3. Free Divorce Starter Tool Kit

4. Free Child Maintenance Calculator

5. Free DIY Urgent Child Contact Toolkit

Feel free to download these useful resources. Click on the links above, and complete the online purchase process. The purchase price is R 0. Thereafter, a downloadable link would be emailed to you. Once you received the email, download it as soon as possible as the link would expire after two months. We hope that we assisted you with any queries you had on Domestic Violence. If not, feel free to arrange a consultation with us.

Sharing is Caring

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9 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Questions and Answers

  1. good day, my children’s father has been using drugs, we got divorced and I told him to find his own place, he went to counselling sessions and said he got help from a doctor with vitamins and medication. its been a while now, he moved back into the house after several test showing he was clean. in the past it used to be terrible, verbal abuse and sometimes physical to my arms and legs. the verbal abuse continues, he claims its his way of speaking. even with the children he uses verbal abusive language. we always argue about how he speaks. I recently found substance in his shoe it was still in a bag with a note rolled up. I feel like telling him to go, but when we were separated, he basically used every thing to make me feel like I was wrong and I have caused damage to the children while he was not saying with us, that’s also another reason I decided for him to move back. but now after this discovery again, I don’t know what do. I want him out of our lives and I want to get full and sole custody to protect them from harm and possible danger. what should I do?

    1. Good day
      You need to act in the children’s best interests. If you feel sole custody is best and the father won’t agree, then you need to apply to the Court for such an order. It is best to discuss this issue with a lawyer face to face.

  2. Good day me and my daughters dad has been living 2 gether for a year and he was always verbally abusing me even infront of my daughter he was always drinking. He came home 1 morning and it got physical the police asked me if I wanted 2 lay charges against him so I didn’t becuz my daughter is 5 and I didn’t want her 2 c her dad like this we were not maried at all he moved out and took most of the things that was his I am working for his mother for 3 years now but I resigned becuz of the situation. He moved back 2 his mother his always drinking and taking my daughter 2 bars under the influence of liquor I even recorded him where he was verbally abusing me becuz he denied it. Am I aloud 2 move 2 a nother town with my daughter 2 give her a better life her dad gets out of control when his drunk and I don’t want my daughter around that

    1. Good day
      The principle in our law is that you should act in your child’s best interests. This applies to both parents. You are allowed to move unless a court orders otherwise. It is best you discuss this issue properly with the father beforehand.

  3. what can you do if the father physically and emotionally abuse the mother in front of the kids and when you call the police they do nothing but say deal with your family issues which I feel they are not doing their job as they are the one to protect the us .

  4. What can the mother of children do after separation from the father due to abusive relationship and children are too scared to be left alone with their fathers? The father has physically abused the mother, children have witnessed it and he has threatened for no relevant reasons to hit the children, constantly raises his voices and has emotionally traumatized the children. What can be done due to fathers rights of access to the children?

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