Unopposed Divorce – R 12500 – 00 (minor children involved)


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Unopposed or uncontested Divorces

Are you considering the option of an unopposed or uncontested divorce? And does the following apply to your marriage?

  • The marriage has irretrievably broken down and there are no reasonable prospects of its restoration.
  • You are searching for Legal Advice and/or Assistance on a divorce issue.
  • Experiencing an uphill battle getting your divorce finalised on your own.
  • You want to know what is the fastest way to dissolve your marriage.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then legal advice, or and unopposed divorce, is what you need. What we mean by unopposed divorce, is where you and your spouse agrees that the marriage is over, and both want an amicable divorce. In other words, the divorce is uncontested.

A dissolution of a marriage is never easy. But at the same time, there is no need for the legal part of it to be daunting. That is where we come in. We take away the unnecessary stress associated with the legalities and formalities. Our divorce services comprise of two components which we explain next.

Unopposed Divorce Legal Advice Services

The first component of our divorce services is that of legal advice on divorce, the process and consequences thereof. This would apply to a married couple who wants to know what would be the consequences of ending their marriage, or need advice on doing their own divorce. Questions that are dealt with are, what happens to their joint estate if they are married in community of property, care and contact to the children, as well as personal maintenance and so on. This advice is in the form of a consultation. If you want to follow the cheaper option of attending to your own unopposed divorce, speak to us first for some guidance. We, therefore, offer professional and confidential advice to clients on the legal aspects in relation to divorces. Knowing the law always brings peace of mind. And with us, family matters. Should you wish to make use of this service, where only advice is required, set up a Consultation by following this link.

Unopposed or Uncontested Divorce Service

The second component of our divorce services is facilitating an uncontested divorce between you and your spouse. Here the husband and wife comes and sees us. This is with the intention of getting divorced, as all other avenues to save the marriage failed. If you go down this route, we would ensure that the divorce is finalised with the least amount of stress for the sake of you and the children. Our aim is to let you move on with your life, after having ended that chapter.

Cost of our unopposed or uncontested divorce service

The all-inclusive costs of an unopposed divorce facilitated by us, done in the Western Cape High Court is R 12 500 – 00 (Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Rand), should there be minor children involved, subject to our terms and conditions. This complete fee is paid in advance. This includes all consultation costs, drafting of legal documents, attorney costs and advocate costs, as well as the fees of the Sherriff of the High Court, and so on. What needs to be drafting is a Settlement Agreement and/or Consent Paper and/or Parenting Plan (if applicable and where minor children are involved), Summons, Particulars of Claim and Notice of Set-down. A copy of the Summons has to be served on one of the parties by the Sherriff.

A further copy of the Summons also needs to be served on the Office of the Family Advocate should there be minor children involved. Then there are costs of the advocate for attending to the divorce at the High Court. However, all these costs are included in the fixed price of R 12500 – 00 (should there be minor children involved). We don’t characterise our divorce services as cheap, but quick, affordable, efficient and to the point.

How long does it take to get divorced?

The estimated time for our unopposed divorce service is four (4) weeks. By way of example, let’s say you meet with us on the first of the month, we should have all the documents ready for service on one of the spouses within three (3) days. If all goes well, and you are available to be served, soon thereafter, the law says that 10 working days must elapse after service before the matter may be set down. Should all still go well, the unopposed divorce would be set-down for hearing within a week. Therefore, from the date you first met with us and the date your marriage has been dissolved by the Western Cape High Court would roughly give you four (4) weeks.

If you wish to make use of our unopposed divorce service, please proceed with making a secure payment online in the sum of R 12 500 – 00 by adding this product to your cart.

You may also set up a consultation with us to first discuss the unopposed divorce at a fee of R 900 – 00. Thereafter, an additional fee of R 12500 – 00 would be applicable for the unopposed divorce, subject to our terms and conditions. If you first wish to consult with us to discuss this service or have questions regarding your divorce, please click here to make the Appointment.