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Domestic abuse situation

We have dealt with a range of domestic abuse situations and we have found one common ground: woman and children are always the center of it all. Unfortunately, South Africa has one of the highest statistics when it comes to abuse. When dealing with a domestic violence situation, we try to educate woman about their legal rights and what they can do on their part to break this vicious cycle.

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What is an interim protection order?

First of all, a protection order is a legal document that reflects clear rules and regulations for the abuser to adhere to and keeps the abuser in check. However, the interim protection order will have the date of the official order and serves as a temporary order before the actual protection order.

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Should the abuser refuse to comply with the conditions of the protection order, he/she will be committing a serious offense and will be charge with contempt of court.

Domestic violence Act South Africa regulations

When it comes to domestic abuse, woman and children seem to be the key victims in domestic violence. The Act itself allows them the right to protect themselves. The Act aims to offer woman the legal support they require to put an end to the vicious cycle.

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One of the most effective ways of executing a legal action to protect yourself is a protection order or restraining order or domestic violence interdict.

For more helpful information, read our article compiled by a professional legal expert on how to make a domestic violence application.

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