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We are a family legal consultancy and we deal with a range of legal matters that challenges our legal expertise in the most unique ways possible. Our specialized legal services include child maintenance, child custody, divorce and changing your matrimonial property regime.

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In Community of Property VS Out of Community of Property

First of all, for this process to unfold legally, you need to have the guidance of a family legal expert. The legal professional will explain the different ways you can go about altering your matrimonial regime between you and your spouse.

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In turn, the parties involved must gain a clear understanding of why they’re changing their property regime and how this will impact their financial situation. It is therefore the duty of the legal expert to ensure that you are doing things legally correct.

Are you married in community of property?

What is meant by this?

Well, to put it simply, all assets owned by you and your spouse are combined and belong to both of you. Why is this such a bad thing? Well it’s not necessary a bad thing but does call for major financial risks.

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One could say that both, married in and out of community of property, has its financial gains and losses. If you are married in community of property, it means that both parties will receive 50% of everything owned. In addition to this, it also means that any debt incurred by your spouse while being married, is your debt as well. In the case of death, assets will be frozen until officials reach a conclusion as to who gets what and how much.

Changing in Community of Property to out Community of property

You may want to consider changing your property regime to out of community of property. This means that you will have a greater sense of financial independence. This is also recommended if you are the stronger financial partner. This way, whatever debt incurred by your partner will not affect your financial circumstances.

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Online professional legal advice…

Feel free to engage with us online on our website at www.ourlawyer.co.za and enjoy free, professional legal advice and guidance. Have a look at our diverse family law legal articles which is professionally composed by our top legal expert in family law. Our website is fairly user friendly and allows the layperson to browse through a range of topics and information they may find helpful.

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Our modern, online operation is highly efficient and convenient for the potential client and aims at making life easier for them. Should you be residing out of South Africa, consulting with us will not be a problem. We are able to conduct legal consultations online, face to face or Skype / video call for your convenience.

Online legal services…

Should you see a legal service you require, you may call our offices. Our friendly receptionist is always willing to go the extra mile by setting up the legal appointment for you online.

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Being a family law legal consultancy, means that we operate by professional legal consultation which is done by appointment only. Previously it was mandatory for the layperson to have a consultation form printed, fill out details manually then have it scanned back to us.  This is no longer the case.

Online legal appointment to change your matrimonial property regime…

With our online appointment system, our receptionist sets the appointment up for you regarding the change in your matrimonial property regime. This can be done while on the phone. No long, complicated details but just the basic information required for your professional legal consultation.  Call our offices today and have your legal appointment booked online immediately.

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It is crucial to note that having your legal consultation booked, does not mean that it is official. The person in question will have time to consult with their spouse or find out more about our expertise on our website. The time and date for the consultation will be confirmed once payment has been made in advance date of the consultation set to take place.

During your legal consultation, you will have a well experienced family legal expert who will be advising and guiding you through the process.

Call our offices today and have your legal appointment booked online immediately.

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