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Failure to comply with a maintenance order

First of all, what is a maintenance order?

A maintenance order is a direct instruction from the court to the parent, to pay child maintenance/child support.

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Maintenance defaulters very seriously and therefore, failure to comply with the order is classified as a criminal charge. This implies that the order is legally enforceable – in other words, the court can, and will intervene. The defaulting parent can therefore lay a criminal charge at the court after they have applied for a maintenance order at the Magistrates Court.

Maintenance Court Procedure

Every local area will have its own magistrate’s court which is also a maintenance court that deal with maintenance legal matters. You may visit your closest magistrate’s court in which the maintenance officer will advise you as to what to bring along.

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When trying to claim for maintenance or apply for an order, you will need to bring along:

  • Your identity document
  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • A payslip to show what you earn
  • Bills and receipts that could be of help
  • The name of the other parent, place of work, and other relevant details
  • A recent photograph of the other parent, if you have one.

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Failure to comply with maintenance order

Have your spouse failed to pay child support?

It is time you consider your family legal expert to help you execute the legal steps you entitled to take – dealt with child maintenance defaulters over many years and therefore, took out the time to comply original, expert legal advice article for your convenience.

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