Child custody – What fathers should know – Cape Town South Africa

Child custody - What fathers should know - Cape Town South Africa

How much child maintenance should fathers pay?

At our law offices, we are often confronted with this question which is why we have introduced our child maintenance calculator. This legal product is mostly for our mothers who are unsure of how much child support they should be receiving from the father. Do not despair. We know that all of this can be pretty daunting for the first time fathers learning about child support. With that being said, we have put together some professional, free online legal services for our single fathers.

Feel free to click on the following links below for some expert advice:

  1. How to Apply for Child Maintenance at Court – Step by Step Guide and Advice
  2. Child Maintenance Question. How much should I pay or contribute as a parent?
  3. Child Support or maintenance claims. Does an unemployed father pay?
  4. Non-compliance with Maintenance Orders — Civil and Criminal Remedies
  5. Tricks and tips on how to win your child maintenance case

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Divorce, child custody, child maintenance, visitation rights – this can all be daunting to the single father!   

We have fathers coming to visit our law offices on a regular basis – asking us: What do we do from here? How do I obtain visitation rights? Am I entitled to child custody?

These are the common concerns our single fathers face and therefore, we have put together well thought out, free expert advice articles that can help you put things into perspective. Simply click on the links below:

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Parental rights in South Africa

The court can grant an order that can limit parental responsibilities and rights, depending on the nature or circumstance of the matter of course. However, when the court does make these changes, they will consider what’s in the child’s best interests.

When terminating parental responsibilities and rights, the court will:

  • What is best for the child rather than parents
  • The relationship between the child and guardian
  • The dedication the guardian has shown to taking care of the child and
  • Other factors that may be relevant to the court.

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Our Family Law Clients

We firmly believe in family relations and the need to protect and enforce it when necessary. Therefore, proper legal advice must always be provided. This we strive to ensure. Although we are based in Cape Town, we offer legal advice and legal services to clients throughout South Africa. This we do as we believe in providing high-quality legal services to everyone who requires it.

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Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

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Visit our child custody and maintenance site for additional information.


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One thought on “Child custody – What fathers should know – Cape Town South Africa

  1. Hi..
    I am a father to a beautiful little girl Amber-Jade. I fetch her from school everyday at 16:15 and drop her at her mom at 6. She stays by me every Tuesday and every second weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I pay half her school fees. I also pay her medical aid and swimming lessons. Her mom is really trying to cut out as much time as she can that I spend with my daughter to try and spite me as much as she can which is also spiting my daughter I’m a big way as we have an amazing relationship which she does not like at all. My daughters mom has also been known to have a drug problem and hasn’t had a job in over 6 months. What rights do I have as a good dad with getting full custody of my child as we don’t have a custody arrangement in place? I don’t want my daughter not to see her mom bit just not always on her mom’s terms as she makes it so very hard for me and my daughter. My daughter would prefer to live with me than her mom but would still like to see her mom which I don’t want to stop but her mom pretty much tells me when I can and can’t see my daughter which isn’t fair at all for me and Amber-Jade.

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