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Family Legal Products

Our law offices boast a well-renowned family and business legal consultancy that aims at offering professional legal advice and guidance where necessary.

We offer the following legal services which comes with an estimated cost for our legal products:

Ante-nuptial Contracts R 2 100 – 00
Basic Will Drafting R 1 000 – 00
Email Legal Advice (per question) R 299 – 00
Family Trust Registration R 7500 – 00
Shariah Will Drafting  R 950 – 00
Unopposed Divorces  R 9500 – 00

For your convenience, we are also professional legal drafters of Ante-Nuptial Contracts – which will cost you a total of R2 100 – 00. Furthermore, we have a professional online method in which you can call our offices on 021 424 3487, for an online appointment to be made for you.

Once an online appointment has been made for any of the above legal services, whether a telephonic or face to face (depending on client preference), a consultation will be conducted with the legal expert himself. It is however, crucial to note that all of the above fixed costs includes expert legal advice from a well experienced legal expert  – as well as the necessary service required. Unfortunately we will not be held responsible for any additional costs required outside the service we offer.

Business legal services

Are you a business owner or self-starting business enthusiast?

For many, starting a business or taking that first step can be extremely daunting. We understand this – which is why we have made business legal guidance available at our law offices for your convenience.

Would you like some legal guidance on how to go about your business in the legal framework of things? Do not hesitate to call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment to consult with the legal expert.

We offer the following business legal services:

  • Business Legal Support
  • Business Legislation Compliance
  • Drafting of Business Contacts
  • Drafting Employment Contacts
  • Business Legal Training
  • Private and Non Profit Company Registrations
  • Credit Profiles
  • Business Trusts Registration

For more on our business legal support consultations, call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment today.

Family Trust Registrations

The objective of a trust is to help manage your assets more efficiently. A trust allows you to dictate how and when you would want your assets to be distributed.

Before going forth with a trust, you need to understand why you’re getting a trust. The following are important pointers to consider when getting a trust:

  • Understand why you are setting up the trust: think about the purpose of the trust.
  • What type of trust you would like to set up: find out more about the different type of trusts and make a call as to which trust you will require.
  • Property and assets: think about how you like to set out the rules of the trust and think about how this will govern your property and assets.
  • Beneficiaries: the person who will benefit from your assets. Think about who your beneficiaries are and how they will benefit – will it be a few beneficiaries or will it be an institution?
  • Trustee: this is the one who is in charge of the trust. He/she must understand the expectations and rules of the trust and ensure that all is in order.
  • Rules: different trusts have different rules. Your legal expert will explain this you when attempting to register your trust. It is important that the rules are carried out accordingly.

For more on our legal guidance regarding Trusts, see our Family Trust Registrations page. Bear in mind that a professional legal consultation is vital in understanding the factors at play when offering legal guidance for a Trust. The consultation fee will be deducted from the fixed cost of the Family Trust Registration with us – which comes to a total of R7 500 – 00.

Family Trust VS your Last Will and Testament

First of all, a will is a written document signed with witnesses which indicates how your assets will be distributed at the time of your death. A will is effective only after your death by which all wishes of the deceased must be carried out accordingly.

For professional legal drafting of a Will, do feel free to call our our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment for a professional legal consultation today.

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