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Family and Business Consultancy

Our family legal consultancy offers family legal advice as well as business legal advice and guidance. We are legal experts in both family, and business law and we specialize in offering legal advice to small businesses. If your business happens to be established, you can count on us to further help your business flourish.

We offer the following business legal services that could be f help for your business:

  • Business Legal Support
  • Business Legislation Compliance
  • Drafting of Business Contacts
  • Drafting Employment Contacts
  • Business Legal Training
  • Private and Non Profit Company Registrations
  • Credit Profiles
  • Business Trusts Registration

Would you like to consult with the legal expert for expert legal advice regarding your business? Call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment to be made for you.

Fortunately our law offices boasts a very straight forward online process in which the potential client will receive an automated email their side stating all the relevant details for the consultation. The email will highlight:

  • Name (of potential client)
  • Surname (of potential client)
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Contact details
  • Date and time of consultation
  • Nature of legal matter
  • Payment methods are highlighted and terms and conditions .

Call our offices on 021 424 3487, for an online appointment to be made for you today!

Business Legislation Compliance

When it comes to business legislation compliance, the legal expert advises that a business should not be started without legal support.

All businesses are required to comply with legislation. Furthermore, certain laws would be specific to your business. It is therefore important that you and your staff understands, and complies with the various legislative and other measures in place in relation to your business.

Therefore, no person should start a business, or continued running it, without knowing what are all the legal requirements involved. Other than the necessary licenses that might be required for the operation of your business, there are also tax issues, and various legislation that needs to be adhered to.

By way of example, if your business makes use of chemicals, the environmental laws needs to be adhered to. Legal requirement would also apply if you intend exporting goods or decide to run a transportation business. There are also internal requirements that needs to be attended. Here reference is made to UIF for employees, unions, insurances etc.

Find out more on the importance of the legal and business services we offer and feel free to call our offices on 021 424 3487, for an online appointment today!

Family legal matters – Child Maintenance, Divorce, Child Custody and Father’s visitation Rights

We have compiled a range of online legal articles that explains the rights of fathers. These online articles contain free, expert legal advice compiled by the legal expert himself:

Feel free to call our law offices on 021 424 3487 today, for an online appointment for a professional legal consultation today!

The creators of this website had made free, expert legal advice easily accessible for your convenience. For more on your legal options and ideas for your divorce, see the following links:

  1. How to Change your Matrimonial Property Regime
  2. Do your own Unopposed Divorce. No lawyers needed and its Free.
  3. Parental Rights of Divorced Muslim parents after a Talaq or Faskh
  4. Free Online Divorce Assistance Form – DIY Cape Town South Africa

comprising of:

  1. Divorce guide

The free divorce starter toolkit provides you with the necessary tools to attend to the unopposed divorce on your own. The tools include a template Summons, Particulars of Claim and a Notice of Set-Down.

Should you wish to have a one on one legal consultation with legal expert himself, then do feel free to call our law offices on 021 424 3486 for an online appointment today.

Family Legal Products

Starting off a business can be scary and for those already established, you would know that the learning never ends. To ensure that you’re running a successful sustainable business, it is important to seek the advice of a legal expert that could advise you accordingly.

We are a family and business legal consultancy that aims to deliver professional, expert legal advice and guidance where necessary.

See our estimated cost for our legal business products are as follows:

Ante-nuptial Contracts R 2 100 – 00
Basic Will Drafting R 1 000 – 00
Email Legal Advice (per question) R 299 – 00
Family Trust Registration R 7500 – 00
Shariah Will Drafting  R 950 – 00
Unopposed Divorces  R 9500 – 00

For your convenience, we are also professional legal drafters of Ante-Nuptial Contracts which will cost you to you a total of R2 100 – 00. Furthermore, we have a professional online method in which you can call our offices on 021 424 3487, for an online appointment to be made for you.


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