Newlands – New Water Collection Point – Cape Town – Opened 9 May 2018

New Spring Collection Site Open 9 May 2018 Newlands

Newlands – New Water Collection Point in Newlands Cape Town

New Water Collection Point Taps - Newlands Cape Town
New Water Collection Point Taps – Newlands Cape Town







The water crisis in the Western Cape is still upon us. Other than limiting our water usage, the majority of Cape Town ratepayers had to drill deep into their pockets to pay for the water they consumed. For many, no matter how little water they consume, they pay more for water now, than ever before. The crisis is affecting our pockets.

Since the water crisis, residents have resorted to alternative means of acquiring and saving water. Some are using boreholes, others JoJo tanks, and others collecting water from various springs around Cape Town. One popular area where springs are in abundance, is Newlands, Cape Town. Since recently, people collected water from two points in Newlands. Now there is an additional collection point available to the public, situated behind the Newlands Swimming Baths, in Cape Town. Look at the picture above, can you see the empty swimming pools?


View from the parking lot at the new Water Collecting Point, Newlands, Cape Town
View from the parking lot at the new Water Collecting Point, Newlands, Cape Town






 When did the new Water Collection Point Open?

The new water collection point opened its doors (or taps) to the public on Wednesday 9 May 2018. We, however, presume that it was only officially open the following day. Don’t quote us on that. Not many people know of it yet. A visit to the location on Friday morning, at 5:40, while doing a run, woke up the security guard on duty. It was clear he was new to his job and was a bit startled. Needless to say, we were welcomed to use the taps. We thought it was best to first check out the new location, before coming with our buckets, bottles and wheelbarrows to collect water.


Behind Newlands Baths is the New Spring Water Collection Point
Parking Lot at the new New Spring Water Collection Point, Newlands, Cape Town

 Where is the new Water Collection Point Situated?

This new Water Collection Point is situated behind the Newlands Swimming Pools. The pools are currently empty. One would wonder why not fill the pools up with spring water? After all, there is an abundance of it, and its free. Let’s leave that thought again for summer.
To get to the new location, you have to drive from Claremont, southwards, towards Cape Town, with Newlands Baths on your left. As you pass the Baths, you would soon see a turn off to your left, taking you into the parking lot of the new collection point. There seems to be ample parking. However, with this water crisis still looming, congestion is expected in the near future.

When we visited the location this afternoon, to take some pictures (from our phone – who moves around these days with a camera?), they were busy with some maintenance work at the entrance. It seems as if they were cutting some branches, making way for the parking. The picture collaborates with our assumption. We guess in the next few weeks, security will be more visible on the post.

Newlands Springs Collection Point May 2019 Parking Area close to Spur
Drive into the new Spring Water Collection Point – Close to Spur

What are the operating times?

According to the banner on display, the operating times are from 05:00 until 23:00. So, if you are an early bird (like us), or late sleeper (or both), they cater for you. The current operating water collection points in Newlands are open 24/7. This may come to an end soon. We were advised by security that they expect approximately 5000, yes five thousand visitors a day.

We suggest that you consider parking at the Parking Lot of Newlands Baths, should you decide to collect during peak times. The only problem with that is, you would have to walk about 200 meters to your vehicle with bottles in your hands. Unless you have a trolley, that may not be an issue. We presume many entrepreneurs would be nearby assisting people with their water carrying for a small fee. Otherwise, use it as your weekly workout session.


 Newlands Springs Collection Point May 2019 - New Taps

The new Water Collection Taps at Newlands Cape Town

 Can one drink the water?

According to the banner on display (it may be clear in one of the pictures); you use the water at your own risk. That is a good disclaimer. We were however advised by the security on site that it is the same water the comes from the taps of the sister springs. It was said that the municipality will manage the new taps, so I guess a disclaimer is essential. Should your tummy ever cramp, remember the disclaimer before speaking to your lawyer. And no, we are not the City’s lawyers.

Water Crises Cape Town Newlands Spring Collection Point Baths
View to 8 taps on the North Facing Side of the Collection Point

How much can you collect?

The rules are the same as at the other springs, 25 litres of water per person. So, bring with all your kids, neighbours and friends and make an outing of it. Unless the law changes, pets do not count as persons for the purposes of water collection (fee legal advice). If you have time available, fill up a 25-litre container, take it to your car, and then stand in the queue again. That might save you a few trips to Newlands.

Newlands Springs Collection Point May 2019 - Parking for Water Collectors
Newlands Springs Collection Point May 2019 – Parking for Water Collectors

 Things to note

  • 25 Litres per person;
  • 15 minutes of parking;
  • Wait your turn;
  • Have loads of patience;
  • Wheel Clamping;
  • Use water at your own risk;
  • Collect from 05:00 until 23:00;
  • Enjoy the experience
  • Keep saving water
Water Crises Cape Town Newlands Spring Collection Point
Water Crises Cape Town Newlands Spring Collection Point







If you have any comments, please feel free to post it below. Also, have a look at a previous article on World Water Day.

If you want some insight into the law, read this article:





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12 thoughts on “Newlands – New Water Collection Point – Cape Town – Opened 9 May 2018

  1. My family and I were at the newlands springs to fetch water this evening after 8 pm… 4 persons…. And many other people have also arrived there, but to our dismay, the collection point appently has been closed till further for maintenance purposes, but City of Cape Town have not managed to set up a notice for that effect to inform public as a measure of concern. The security guards and their controllers are also not much informed on the maintenance action taking place. What the guards do say without certainty that the spring point will be open tomorrow 8am.

  2. Issy

    Sign on gate clearly states spring collection will open on Friday 21st Dec after maintenance so I went there.
    The sign was still on the fence at 9.30a.m. on Friday and no work was in progress.
    What has happened to promises in Cape Town?

  3. so now out of the blue today 19 Dec. it’s CLOSED because of maintenance! no one to be seen doing any work there but apparently it’s closed until Friday. I sincerely hope it will re-open sooner rather than later.

  4. Saturday morning. I arrived at the collection point at 04:35 and the gate opened at 05:00. The queue is right at the toilets, and the tension of the people were not good. Is there anyway they can open earlier like the site at the breweries? Some are willing to sacrifice and be there at the early hours of the morning

  5. What about the people who comes from far areas like paarl to only fill 25lt at a time it’s very costly

  6. Absolute chaos at the Spring. People are filling up 20-30 containers. The security is absolutely useless in terms of managing the amounts of water people take. Many people use multiple taps at a time.

  7. Currently there is no limit of 25l per person. It’s a free for all. The other morning close to 2000l was collected by an individual and all the assistants on site to make a quick buck. When I arrived at 06h00, they according to security had already been filling containers for over half an hour. This morning there was a vehicle with an extremely full trailer of containers.

  8. The entry to the new collection point is highly unsuitable. From the road people are boxed into a small space where we have to wait until a tap is available. The area is small and cramped and tempers become flared as people wait for their turn in this confined space. Surely, a better solution could be found.

  9. The directions are incorrect. If you drive south from Claremont you get to Kenilworth. You have to drive north to Newlands. The entrance is north of the swimming pool in the Main Road on the left, just before the Slug & Lettuce pub.

  10. The untreated spring water is not good to drink and to make food and many or most people use it for drinking water.Why don’t they treat that spring water then send it out to public.Frustrated citizen

  11. I am an enthusiastic water saver. But with this water increases it dampened my spirits i dont collect water anymore frustrated citizen

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