Free Divorce Starter Tool Kit


Discover our amazing FREE DIY Starter Divorce Toolkit and gain the necessary legal insight to get you through your divorce! We at Our Lawyer Pty Ltd will be introducing a number of free legal tool kits to assist you with the necessary legal steps. These tool kits consist of starter guides / steps designed to advise the layperson on where to start when undergoing a divorce.


The legal advice provided in these tool kits may not always be the final legal steps involved as this will depend on the nature and circumstance of the legal matter; which may require a consultation.

All our consultations comes at a fee of R800 for 40 minutes or for part thereof. When a potential client makes use of our secure online payment method via PayFast, he/she will receive a discount of R50 on a consultation. The potential client may make a direct online appointment from our website; or simply fill out the form online and we shall forward to the client the relevant details of the required service.

Kindly note that the actual service required may not necessary be R800. The consultation fee however, functions independently from the required service. Depending on the nature of the service, the client may need to take further legal steps which may involve extra costs.

The consultation can either be face to face, telephonic or video (Skype / FaceTime). Once payment is received and verified, a representative of Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd shall contact within two (2) working days of the date of payment to set up the consultation during a convenient time. Click here for terms and conditions.

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