I am looking for the best lawyer, attorney or advocate in South Africa for my case. How do I find him or her?

I am in search of a trustworthy attorney or advocate. Please direct me to reputable sources to find one. There are many reputable sources for legal advice and services. Some options include consulting with an advocate or attorney, reaching out to a legal aid organisation, or searching for legal resources through your various websites. It’s essential to research and choose a reliable source to ensure that you receive accurate and trustworthy legal guidance, advice or representation. When do I decide that there is a need to consult with a lawyer, attorney, or advocate? Consider consulting with a lawyer, attorney, or advocate if you are facing a legal issue or have questions you need help with. Some everyday situations where you may want to consult a lawyer include:  1. You have been arrested or charged with a crime;  2. You are facing a civil lawsuit or have been served with legal I want to learn more

Talk to us about your business legal concerns

What happens on on your business meeting with us? You will meet with the friendly, approachable legal expert and have a face to face chat about the nature of your business, what it entails and the legal requirements. Luckily, the legal expert on board has ears of experience, making him fit to offer you expert, legal advice and guidance for your business. Would you like to consult with the legal expert for expert legal advice regarding your business? Call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment to be made for you. Fortunately our law offices boasts a very straight forward online process in which the potential client will receive an automated email their side stating all the relevant details for the consultation. The email will highlight: Name (of potential client) Surname (of potential client) Email Address Home Address Contact details Date and time of consultation Nature of I want to learn more

Free legal advice Cape Town – Family Law

Free Legal Advice on Family Law and Related Topics Legal services can be very expensive. However, if you know how to move around the web, you can easily find free resources. If you are in search of family law related legal services and advice, you are at the right place. We are a legal consultancy based in the Western Cape. Our services comprise of various family law and other legal fields. Should you require any family law legal advice or services, click on the various links on this website. Our Family Law Clients We firmly believe in family relations and the need to protect and enforce it when necessary. Therefore, proper workable legal advice must always be provided. This we strive to ensure. Although we are based in Cape Town, we offer legal advice and legal services to clients throughout South Africa. This we do as we believe in providing I want to learn more

How a business legal expert can be helpful to your business

Prevention is better than cure Too many times we’ve seen businesses failing to take preventative measures to secure the growth of their business. The nature of a business could mean signing off contracts and agreements in the hope of  good deals – little do they know that they could be signing off the lifeblood of their business. With a legal expert in place, he/she can detect the loopholes and save you from such grave mistakes. Professional business legal input In the end, you’re a business owner and not an Attorney – which is why you will need the expertise and professional legal input of a legal expert, or someone with a Litigation background. Our family and business consultancy have years of experience in business matters and is highly capable of offering you a fresh legal perspective. We are a family and business legal consultancy that aims to deliver professional, expert I want to learn more

Newlands – New Water Collection Point – Cape Town – Opened 9 May 2018

Newlands – New Water Collection Point in Newlands Cape Town             The water crisis in the Western Cape is still upon us. Other than limiting our water usage, the majority of Cape Town ratepayers had to drill deep into their pockets to pay for the water they consumed. For many, no matter how little water they consume, they pay more for water now, than ever before. The crisis is affecting our pockets. Since the water crisis, residents have resorted to alternative means of acquiring and saving water. Some are using boreholes, others JoJo tanks, and others collecting water from various springs around Cape Town. One popular area where springs are in abundance, is Newlands, Cape Town. Since recently, people collected water from two points in Newlands. Now there is an additional collection point available to the public, situated behind the Newlands Swimming Baths, in Cape I want to learn more

Have the best of both – business and family expert legal advice

Family Legal Products Our law offices boast a well-renowned family and business legal consultancy that aims at offering professional legal advice and guidance where necessary. We offer the following legal services which comes with an estimated cost for our legal products: Ante-nuptial Contracts R 2 100 – 00 Basic Will Drafting R 1 000 – 00 Email Legal Advice (per question) R 299 – 00 Family Trust Registration R 7500 – 00 Shariah Will Drafting  R 950 – 00 Unopposed Divorces  R 9500 – 00 For your convenience, we are also professional legal drafters of Ante-Nuptial Contracts – which will cost you a total of R2 100 – 00. Furthermore, we have a professional online method in which you can call our offices on 021 424 3487, for an online appointment to be made for you. Once an online appointment has been made for any of the above legal services, whether a I want to learn more

We offer Business Legal Support and legal Guidance

Business support and business legal advice Get to know more about our legal operation and enjoy our online appointment system for businesses and family legal expert advice. We offer business legal support and legal guidance where necessary for your convenience. Would you like some legal guidance on how to go about your business in the legal framework of things? Do not hesitate to call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment to consult with the legal expert. We offer the following business legal services: Business Legal Support Business Legislation Compliance Drafting of Business Contacts Drafting Employment Contacts Business Legal Training Private and Non Profit Company Registrations Credit Profiles Business Trusts Registration For more on our business legal support consultations, call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment today. Once an online appointment has been made for any of the above legal services, a professional I want to learn more

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