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Divorce Court Cape Town Divorce is an emotional, whip-lashing experience for every family. Each divorce is governed by its own set of rules and values. Many times, the manner in which a divorce is settled is influenced by tradition and religion. Having said that, a Hindu couple for instance, may get married by a Priest and a Muslim couple may get married by an Imam. Even so, due to the complex nature of child custody and child maintenance matters, these couples may have to settle matters in court. Divorces are most likely to take place in the High Court.  This can be a dreadful, costly process – needless to say a legal drag caused by pending divorces on court rolls waiting to go on trial. Fortunately, the Regional Court of the Magistrate Court also deals with divorces which lessens the divorce cases dealt by the High Court. Uncontested divorce in I want to learn more

Gain child custody – Cape Town

Child Custody Law in South Africa What exactly is child custody? Child custody refers to the legal order or instruction by the court to the parents of their child/children. The term Custody on its own, simply means to care or protect for. Hence child custody is concerned with the protection and care of a child by the parents. When it comes to the Children’s Act in South Africa, your legal expert/professional will tell you that the Act aims to have the child’s best interest in place. With that being said, the Act covers a number of legal aspects and rights regarding the child. Attorneys (Lawyers), Advocates and other legal professionals, will make use of the Act to ensure that they are doing things legally correct. The Children’s Act can be applied to parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, teachers and so forth. Sole Guardianship Sole guardianship refers to one parent having full I want to learn more

Ante-nuptial Contracts Questions and Answers

Ante-nuptial Contracts Questions and Answers We introduced this Ante-nuptial Contracts Questions and Answers page for you to post questions you may have on the topic. For example, if you want to know what matrimonial property regime is best for you, pose a question with some background facts. At the same time, should you be able to assist others who posted questions below, requiring some advice on Ante-nuptial Contracts, please proceed and reply to their comments. In that manner, we would all be able to assist each other and increase our online knowledge base. Therefore, although we a are legal consultancy, specialising in family law, you may have problems or experiences that we have not encountered. Let us share in our knowledge of Ante-nuptial Contracts.     We are conveniently located in the Pinnacle Building, in the Cape Town CBD. Click here to call us on (021) 4243487 or send us I want to learn more

What does it mean when you have primary residential custody?

Family Law Legal services – Child custody, divorce and child maintenance Our family law consultancy have a range of family law legal services for your convenience. Our specialized legal services are child maintenance, child custody and divorce. To top it off, we are situated in the heart of the buzzing CBD at Suit 702, 7th Floor, The Pinnacle, corner of Strand and burg Street, Cape Town, South Africa. Feel free to visit us at our offices in a safe, central setting and enjoy professional, confidential, legal consultations at its best. Our specialized legal services are:     Child Maintenance Ante-nuptial Contact Change Matrimonial Property Regime Child Adoption Child Custody and Access Domestic Violence Protection Family Trust Registration Fast Unopposed Divorces Non-Compliance with maintenance orders Parenting Plans Postnuptial Contract Registration Pre-nikkah Agreement Should any of the above legal services interest you, feel free to call our offices on 021 424 3487 and I want to learn more

Twenty-one (21) uncontested Divorces in the Western Cape High Court today…

Written by Kouthar Sambo We are conveniently located in the Pinnacle Building, in the Cape Town CBD. Click here to call us on (021) 4243487 or send us an email. According to the court roll of the Western Cape High Court, there were twenty-one (21) uncontested divorces to be heard today. There are approximately fifty-five Magistrate’s Courts in the Western Cape and these various Regional Magistrates’ Courts, which also deals with divorces, but does not provide statistics to the public online. Other than certain days during the year when the Western Cape High Court has its recess period; uncontested divorces are heard on a daily basis. Earlier this month, on the 5th of October 2016, there were thirty-two (32) uncontested divorces in the Western Cape High Court, court roll.  This was during the recess period. According to Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf, a Family Law Expert, a divorce can be placed on I want to learn more

Uncontested and Contested Divorce in South Africa

Uncontested divorce in South Africa First of all, what is an uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which both parties are in agreement with. Divorces of this nature takes less time and money and allows parties to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives quicker. The procedure for unopposed or uncontested divorces are simpler and straight to the point. Because both parties are already in agreement of the divorce, a formal trial is not necessary but the guidance of a legal expert may still be important. There may well be other factors relevant to the divorce, such as child custody, child maintenance and splitting of assets. This may not necessary slow down the process but the legal expert will have to work at helping the parties reach a common ground legally. For a professional legal consultation, contact our law offices on 021 424 3487 and I want to learn more

Parental responsibilities and care during the coronavirus lockdown in South Africa – The uncertain questions that cannot and should not be answered today

  Updated: 16 April 2020 New regulations have been issued on 16 April 2020. Click on the link below: The material change is that you do not have to have a court order or a parental responsibilities and rights agreement or parenting plan, registered with the family advocate. Possession of a birth certificate or certified copy of a birth certificate is now also allowed. Update: 07 April 2020 NEW LOCKDOWN REGULATIONS REGARDING THE MOVEMENT OF CHILDREN – CERTAIN PARENTS MAY MOVE CHILDREN DURING THE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN PERIOD (7 April 2020) What separated and divorced parents should think about prior to the coronavirus lockdown With the world working towards eradicating the spreading of the coronavirus, South Africans are going to be placed on lockdown from 11:59 on Thursday 26 March 2020. This will endure for a period of 21 (twenty-one) days. This is what President Cyril Ramaphosa announced yesterday on national I want to learn more

Free DIY Urgent Holiday Contact Court Application Tools

FREE DIY ONLINE TOOLS TO GET URGENT CONTACT TO YOUR CHILD DURING THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS The end of year holiday season is upon us. This is the time for families to come together and re-establish family bonds. It is also the time of year where many parents who are separated, or not living together, fight over aspects of contact to their children. Often times, a parent would be refused contact to his or her child for no good reason. This is not in the child’s best interests. We believe that children have a right to spend quality time with both his or her parents irrespective of what type of relationship the parents have amongst themselves. This way of thinking aids the minor child’s emotional and psychological development. With regard to how much quality time should a parent receive; this depends on the facts of the case. However, the deciding factor I want to learn more

Property Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Are you intending to purchase property? Do you have a property registration related question? If so, feel free to post it below. What are the documents required for land registration? What is registration of property? Are property deeds public record? How long does it take for a bond to be registered at the deeds office? What are the documents need to be checked before buying a plot? Is will to be registered? What is Khata Certificate and Khata Extract? Do daughters have right father’s property? What is the definition of a vacant house? How can I get a copy of the deed to my house? What does it mean if your name is on the deed to a house? What is a first registration? What is the deeds office? What is will of a property? Do Wills need to be recorded? What is a Khata certificate? What is encumbrance certificate I want to learn more

Child Custody for Fathers – South Africa

Child custody for fathers During our years of experience in dealing with child custody battles, we have found it common for fathers fighting for child custody and wanting to know more about their legal rights. Unfortunately, a father paying child maintenance will not be guaranteed full child custody of a child. For more on father’s rights in child custody, click on the links below and read our free, expert legal advice article on how to go about your legal rights as a father.   Child custody visitation access- questions and answers Child custody frequently asked questions Father refused contact to his child. What are his rights? Father’s parental responsibilities and rights to his child. How do I get full custody over my child? Parental child abuse in custody cases- Cape Town What does it mean when you have primary residential custody? What happens in a case custody dispute when one I want to learn more

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