I am looking for the best lawyer, attorney or advocate in South Africa for my case. How do I find him or her?

I am in search of a trustworthy attorney or advocate. Please direct me to reputable sources to find one. There are many reputable sources for legal advice and services. Some options include consulting with an advocate or attorney, reaching out to a legal aid organisation, or searching for legal resources through your various websites. It’s essential to research and choose a reliable source to ensure that you receive accurate and trustworthy legal guidance, advice or representation. When do I decide that there is a need to consult with a lawyer, attorney, or advocate? Consider consulting with a lawyer, attorney, or advocate if you are facing a legal issue or have questions you need help with. Some everyday situations where you may want to consult a lawyer include:  1. You have been arrested or charged with a crime;  2. You are facing a civil lawsuit or have been served with legal I want to learn more

Parental Guardianship Consent when it comes to School – May a parent refused to give consent?

Parental consent for a minor child’s enrolment into a school – What can you do if co-guardianship consent is refused? Children have a right to a decent education—one which would benefit them in life. Every caring parent wants to give their child the best education possible according to their specific circumstances and station in life.  Not all parents earn the same amount of money or have access the best type of education. However, most parents will do their best, which the law and society expect of all parents. In doing so, they ensure that their child has the best opportunities in life. Parents co-operating in educating their minor children It is vitally important for parents to co-operate when it comes to their minor child’s education. This relates to the enrollment into a school, the paying of school fees, transportation, parent involvement, homework, etc. If one parent does not wish to I want to learn more

South African divorce law

Quick divorce in South Africa Having a quick divorce is one thing. But being by the financial means however, is another aspect. Divorces are never easy by virtue of the fact that it either involves children or assets that needs to be divided up equally. This in itself, also depends on whether the couple had an Ante-Nuptial Contract, also known as “ANC” in place and whether they are married in, or out of community of property. Our law offices encountered a number of divorce cases of a complex nature which requires litigation in the High Courts of South Africa – the emotional and financial strain can be unbearable on the parties involved. In essence, it is safe to say that in our books, “quick divorces” does not exist unless it is an uncontested or unopposed divorce. In layman’s terms, this is a divorce that neither parties oppose and both parties I want to learn more

Domestic Violence Awareness-Cape Town

Types of domestic violence Domestic violence is classified as any violent or aggressive behavior taking place within a home which is common in many households.   There are different forms of domestic violence. These are: Emotional Physical Psychological Economical The following are forms of domestic violence that can unfold in the following manner: Kicking Biting Slapping Hysteria and throwing objects around Sexual abuse/assault Domineering behavior/controlling etc These behavior habits are serious cases of abuse and the perpetrator should be taken to task for such inhumane acts. Our Lawyer Pty Ltd are professional legal experts in Family law and can advise you with the best legal advice for the way forward. Call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment today for a professional legal consultation. Do not hesitate to give us a call! Domestic Violence abuse signs Are you feeling like you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of I want to learn more

Child Maintenance Question. How much should I pay or contribute as a parent?

Child Maintenance and Support https://www.ourlawyer.co.za/wp-content/uploads/Our-Lawyer-Consultation.gifEvery Child is entitled to have adequate child maintenance from his parents. This includes the provision of food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare. These provisions are to be provided by both his or her mother and father. If one parent cannot afford any support, then other the parent would be responsible for the time being. However, support can still be claimed from the child’s maternal and paternal grandparents. What follows are some answers to a few questions on child maintenance. How much is the basic rate or amount of child maintenance? There is no basic rate for child maintenance. The amount depends on various factors, which includes the needs of the child, the income of the parents, as well as their personal expenses. There are many other factors as well. The law expects parents to contribute based on their means. Therefore, in principle, but not easily I want to learn more

Free legal advice Cape Town – Family Law

Free Legal Advice on Family Law and Related Topics Legal services can be very expensive. However, if you know how to move around the web, you can easily find free resources. If you are in search of family law related legal services and advice, you are at the right place. We are a legal consultancy based in the Western Cape. Our services comprise of various family law and other legal fields. Should you require any family law legal advice or services, click on the various links on this website. Our Family Law Clients We firmly believe in family relations and the need to protect and enforce it when necessary. Therefore, proper workable legal advice must always be provided. This we strive to ensure. Although we are based in Cape Town, we offer legal advice and legal services to clients throughout South Africa. This we do as we believe in providing I want to learn more

Child Custody Rights – can a father have custody rights over his child?

Child custody for fathers In most cases, the court will be more likely to award child custody rights to the mother first if the mother happens to be stable. Should the mother in any event, be a substance abuser, then the father will immediately be awarded child custody rights. The court will first and foremost, have the child’s best interest at heart. Part of this process is ensuring that the child grows up in a healthy environment. If it is best for the child to live with the father, then that is where the child will be residing at.  Fathers have the following child custody rights towards their children: Contact Care Guardianship and sometimes even Primary caregivers of the child As previously mentioned, if the mother happens to be unstable with no intention of rehabilitation, then custody rights are automatically awarded to the father. When it comes to child custody I want to learn more

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