Cape Town Magistrates’ Court

The Cape Town Magistrates’ Court If you reside in the Cape Town, Western Cape area, you will most probably fall under the magisterial jurisdiction of the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court. There details are below. Contact details of Cape Town Magistrate’s Court The physical address of the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court is situated at: 7-11 Parade Street, Cape Town, 8000 The postal address of the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court is as follows: Private Bag X9017, Cape Town, 8000 The contact number of the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court is as follows: 021 401 1511 For more information, visit . Our Family Law Clients We firmly believe in family relations and the need to protect and enforce it when necessary. Therefore, proper legal advice must always be provided. This we strive to ensure. Although we are based in Cape Town, we offer legal advice and legal services to clients throughout South Africa. I want to learn more

My child is 22 years old, do I still have a legal obligation to pay child maintenance?

I need to know, when does a parent’s obligation to pay child maintenance end? Paying child maintenance, or maintaining their child, is the legal obligation of every parent. A parent does not have a choice in this matter. However, the level and standard of contribution are dependent on the means of the parent. In this article, we will look at the aspect of when does child maintenance come to an end. In this regard, we will look at two situations, one where there is a maintenance order in place and the other where there is not. However, before proceeding with those issues, let us first deal with the issue of who should pay child maintenance. Pay child maintenance according to your means The law expects a parent to provide child support according to their respective memes. What this entails, is that a parent should only pay what he or she I want to learn more

5 vital things all parents going through a divorce or separation should know

Child custody, guardianship and visitation (parental responsibilities and rights) – What do I need to know should I be going through a divorce or separation? Although it is not ideal, it often happens that parents divorce or break up. Their romantic or spousal relationship may have come to an end, but their co-parenting relationship continues if they have a child together. They need to be the best co-parents possible for their child. This should be the case despite their failed marriage or relationship. Sadly, sometimes the civility the parents had for each other does not transcend beyond their divorce or separation. Some parents in this situation have unresolved issues. It then often happens that the child becomes a victim of the conflict that ensures. They often use the child as a pawn to settle unresolved differences. This situation is not in the child’s best interest. What follows are five things I want to learn more

Child Custody, Maintenance, Divorce, Relocations and other Questions and Answers

Child Custody, Maintenance, Divorce, Relocations, and other Questions and Answers     Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd provides professional legal advice to their clients through the following options: Face to Face (At our location in Cape Town); Telephonic (We call you on the South African Landline / Mobile number provided); Video (We make use of Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp Video Call) If however, you have a quick and simple family law advice question you wish to ask, feel free to post it below. There would, therefore, be no need to set-up a consultation and pay a fee.   The question may relate to any of the following: Child Maintenance; Child Custody; Divorce; Relocation of minor children; Change of minor children’s surname; Guardianship rights; Passport consent issues; Domestic violence; Parenting Plans; and so on.   Useful family law Articles Below are a few useful articles written by us. Child Relocation, Passports, Custody, I want to learn more

I need to get divorced in 3 days. I was told it is possible. Is it really true?

Getting divorce within 3 days It often happens, when a marriage has irretrievably broken down, the parties are in agreement that they have to divorce. Furthermore, the parties came to an agreement regarding the propriety aspects of the marriage, care and contact of the minor children, as well as who should pay for the cost in relation to the divorce. If all the latter has been agreed upon, there is no need for the parties to wait many months to get divorced. What this article deals with is a real-life scenario where the marriage between a couple would be dissolved in the shortest possible time. In this case, three (3) days from the date of meeting their lawyer. If you don’t feel like reading this entire article, scroll down to the bottom for an illustration of a divorce finalised in 3 (three) days. Furthermore, it may become necessary for there I want to learn more

Same-sex Divorces in Cape Town South Africa – How does Lesbian and Gay Spouses get Divorced?

Gay and Lesbian (Same-sex) Divorces in South Africa – How does it work? As with any marriage, relationship or romantic partnership, there is no guarantee that it will last until death do you part. For a marriage, a divorce is what is needed if the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Much has been written on the issue of divorces in relation to heterosexual marriages where the Marriage Act find application. The same applies to customary marriages. What about same-sex, or gay and lesbian couples who are married and want to get divorced? Does the law cater for such marriages? And how are they different from heterosexual divorces. Before we deal with the dissolution aspect of a same-sex marriage, let us first deal with the validity and legality of the same-sex marriage itself. What are same-sex marriages? This sounds like a simple question. However, without presuming too much, let us unpack I want to learn more

Divorces Procedures and Processes – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Divorce – Questions and Answers on the Process and Procedure Divorces signify the end of marriages. However, it can also be seen as a beginning of a new life. Once a couple has tried everything to save their marriage, to no avail, a divorce is an inevitable consequence. With divorces, comes the law. Only a court can legally divorce you. And because of this, people have many questions on the divorce procedure and process. This post is intended to assist parties whose marriage had irretrievably broken down by answering frequently asked questions on divorces. Due to the nature of legal matters, it is best to make use of an attorney or get the advice of a legal professional when dealing with a divorce. However, we intend giving you a general overview of the divorce process below with the assistance of Adv. Muhammad Abduroaf. Family Law Questions and Answers Should you not I want to learn more

Rule 43 Application – Maintenance Pendente Lite – High Court – Cape Town

Rule 43 Application – Maintenance Pendente Lite – High Court – Cape Town Whilst you are in the process of divorcing your spouse, you may require the Western Cape High Court to assist you with regard to maintenance, or contact with your child. You may want the Court to Order t your spouse pays a portion of your legal fees, as well. This can all be done while the divorce is still pending. In the High Court, the court procedure to follow is outlined in its Uniform Rule 43.  That is where the term “Rule 43 Applications” come from. Family Law Questions and Answers Should you not find what you are looking for, feel free to post your questions on our blog, by clicking on the following links: Divorces – Questions and Answers Child Custody – Questions and Answers Child Maintenance – Question and Answers Domestic Violence – Questions and I want to learn more

Relocate with minor child. Parent Refusing Consent for a Passport

Parent Refusing Relocation, and Passport Application for Minor Child Often times, a parent would want to travel overseas, relocate or emigrate, and take the child with. However, the practical aspects thereof are not that easy. For starters, your child requires a passport. And what does the law say about passports of a minor child? As you would see later, both parents holding parental responsibilities and rights of guardianship should consent to a minor child obtaining a passport. That is a requirement in Law. But let’s say your child already has a passport. Can you still take your minor child out of the country or relocate? Yes, you can, as long as you have the consent of the other parent. This article does not only apply to parents of minor children who are not married to each other or separated. It applies to all parents of children holding parental responsibilities and I want to learn more

Child Custody – Frequently Asked Questions South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions on Child Custody – South Africa We proud ourselves on our knowledge of family law, and related matters in relation to South African Law. This includes issues and questions surrounding child custody, divorce and child maintenance. Feel free to browse through this question and answers sections below. Should you not find the answer to a child custody question you are looking for, feel free to post your child custody question at the bottom of this post. What does it mean when you have primary residential custody? It means that the child primarily resides with you. For example, the child will only visit the other parent every second weekend. What is a joint residence order? The child resides with both parents. Usually on an equal basis. What is joint custody of a child? This is the situation where both parents care for the child. How can you get I want to learn more

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