Parental Guardianship Consent when it comes to School – May a parent refused to give consent?

Parental consent for a minor child’s enrolment into a school – What can you do if co-guardianship consent is refused? Children have a right to a decent education—one which would benefit them in life. Every caring parent wants to give their child the best education possible according to their specific circumstances and station in life.  Not all parents earn the same amount of money or have access the best type of education. However, most parents will do their best, which the law and society expect of all parents. In doing so, they ensure that their child has the best opportunities in life. Parents co-operating in educating their minor children It is vitally important for parents to co-operate when it comes to their minor child’s education. This relates to the enrollment into a school, the paying of school fees, transportation, parent involvement, homework, etc. If one parent does not wish to I want to learn more

Can a step-parent legally adopt their step-child? What are the rights of the biological parents after the adoption took place?

What are the legal implications of a step-parent adopting a child in South Africa? Is it possible and  what are the rights of the biological parents? It often happens that a couple marries and there are step-children involved. A spouse would therefore have a child from a previous relationship. The previous relationship could either have been a marriage or just a romantic experience. Sometimes, the step-parent would want to adopt the child, affording him or her legal rights and responsibilities over the child. This is the case, even if the other parent is still alive and in the picture. It may happen that a parent is not much involved in a child’s life and would not mind that the other parent who cares for the child have his or her spouse adopt the child. By doing so, the child would have the step-parent’s surname. The responsibility towards the child would I want to learn more

eNCA interview with Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf on Child Maintenance during the Lockdown

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf being interviewed by eNCA on 18 May 2020 talking about child maintenance issues during the lockdown Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf highlights the importance of parents paying child maintenance during the lockdown and what parent can do should they be unable to pay it. Click below to view the video.

The Magistrate’s Permit – New regulations on Movement of children during the Lockdown

30 May 2020 – Latest Regulations on the movement of minor children during the lockdown – The introduction of the Magistrate’s Permit The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, published new regulations regarding the Lockdown on 29 April 2020. As from 1 May 2020, South Africa’s lockdown would be on Level 4, one level down from when it started. The new regulations bring challenging changes regarding the movement of children between parents. For example, the provision of applying for a Magistrate’s permit. Therefore, some of the new regulations are welcomed by us, and others not. The regulations are further below. Click here to read an article regarding the previous regulations on the movement of children. Summary of the recent regulations that will come in effect tomorrow 1 May 2020: Local movement of children during the lockdown Movement of Children may only take place in the I want to learn more

Webinar – Gender Based Violence in South Africa GBV – What are your legal remedies?

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in South Africa –  What are your legal remedies? – Video of Webinar that took place 28 August 2020 and hosted by Adv. Muhammad Abduroaf Gender-Based Violence is a real and serious problem in South Africa. A lot has been written on the topic, and the problem is ongoing.  Our Lawyer’s stance on this issue is that it should be eradicated. This would require the active input of government, the victims and the community. We wanted to continue with the conversation regarding Gender-Based Violence. We, therefore, invited those who have been affected thereby to partake in a Webinar entitled, “Gender-based Violence in South Africa – What are your legal remedies? Our Lawyer had a successful live webinar on this serious topic, whereby victims spoke out.  The webinar will be hosted by Adv. Muhammad Abduroaf. The video can be watched below.    

Child Custody and Relocation – Question and Answers by Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf

Zoom webinar during Woman’s Month hosted by Advocate Muhammad Abdurof – Child Custody and Relocation Below the video are some of the questions posed by the registrants that were not answered during the webinar held on 21 August 2020 at 11:00, hosted by Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf. Q: The father has only been paying half the maintenance – he was only covering the minor schooling. Now he has decided to study full time and stopped paying the minor school fees. The minors Contract at school has been terminated and is currently not attending school. I am unable to find a school at this time since half the year is gone. I am currently filing a maintenance application. A: We presume that there is no maintenance order in place. If that is the case, approaching the maintenance court is the correct thing to do. It sounds unreasonable for the father to only I want to learn more

Are evictions from family homes during Lockdown Alert Level 2 allowed?

Can my family and I be evicted from our home during Lockdown Alert Level 2? What are the changes to the regulations? At 00:01 this morning (18 August 2020), South Africa moved to lockdown alert level 2. A change was made to the eviction laws. In short, it is now possible to evict people from their homes. However, a court may stay or suspend the eviction order “if it is of the opinion that it is just or equitable to do so”. Read on further below to learn more on this issue. Furthermore, almost all economic activities are allowed, except for the following: Night clubs. International passenger air travel for leisure purposes. Passenger ships for international leisure purposes. Attendance of any sporting event by spectators. International sports events. Exclusions relating to public transport services as set out in the directions issued by the Cabinet member responsible for transport. Exclusions relating I want to learn more

Questions parents ask in child custody disputes. What they want to know.

Questions parents ask in child custody disputes. What are some of the difficulties parents face when dealing with child custody issues and problems? When parents have issues and difficulties regarding their parental responsibilities and rights, they often go online for answers. These issues can relate to contact rights or guardianship issues. One parent may want to have more contact, and the other parent refuses such a request. Or a parent wants to relocate with a minor child, and the other parent refuses guardianship consent. Whatever the issues are, they need to be resolved in the child’s best interests. Read on for some interesting questions parents ask online. Does the abuse of alcohol affect the outcome of a child custody case? Abusing alcohol is very dangerous. Not only for you but for your relationship and parenting as well. If a parent abuses alcohol in the presence of a child, then the I want to learn more

Some interesting questions and answers regarding divorces in South Africa. Here are some questions people ask and search for online.

People going through divorces have many questions. Some we can expect, and others are very surprising. Read on to learn more about divorces and the questions people ask. How much does a divorce cost in South Africa? The cost of a divorce varies from case to case and client to client. If a divorce is undefended or agreed upon,  then the cost would be significantly low.  However,  should the divorce be contested where the parties cannot agree on the terms of the divorce,  then, under those circumstances, the ultimate cost can be very high. Factors to consider would be how many issues there are to be resolved, the number of court days required, and preparation time. In the end,  the more time that is spent on a divorce matter by lawyers, the more it would cost the client. Where can I get free legal advice on divorce in South Africa? I want to learn more

Free Child Custody Consultation during the National Lockdown

The limited-time Free 15 (fifteen) minute legal advice consultation on child custody (care and contact) matters during the National Lockdown ENDED The free Free 15 (fifteen) minute legal advice consultation on child custody (care and contact) matters during the National Lockdown which was offered on 9 June 2020 ended on 24 August 2020. We hope all those who made use of the free service benefited from it. To make a legal advice consultation where a fee is applicable, kindly complete the form below.

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