I am looking for the best lawyer, attorney or advocate in South Africa for my case. How do I find him or her?

I am in search of a trustworthy attorney or advocate. Please direct me to reputable sources to find one. There are many reputable sources for legal advice and services. Some options include consulting with an advocate or attorney, reaching out to a legal aid organisation, or searching for legal resources through your various websites. It’s essential to research and choose a reliable source to ensure that you receive accurate and trustworthy legal guidance, advice or representation. When do I decide that there is a need to consult with a lawyer, attorney, or advocate? Consider consulting with a lawyer, attorney, or advocate if you are facing a legal issue or have questions you need help with. Some everyday situations where you may want to consult a lawyer include:  1. You have been arrested or charged with a crime;  2. You are facing a civil lawsuit or have been served with legal I want to learn more

Parental Guardianship Consent when it comes to School – May a parent refused to give consent?

Parental consent for a minor child’s enrolment into a school – What can you do if co-guardianship consent is refused? Children have a right to a decent education—one which would benefit them in life. Every caring parent wants to give their child the best education possible according to their specific circumstances and station in life.  Not all parents earn the same amount of money or have access the best type of education. However, most parents will do their best, which the law and society expect of all parents. In doing so, they ensure that their child has the best opportunities in life. Parents co-operating in educating their minor children It is vitally important for parents to co-operate when it comes to their minor child’s education. This relates to the enrollment into a school, the paying of school fees, transportation, parent involvement, homework, etc. If one parent does not wish to I want to learn more

The Magistrate’s Permit – 3 steps to obtain your permit to collect your child during lockdown

The Magistrate’s Permit – Movement of Children during the Lockdown View the new regulations on Movement of children during the Lockdown (Regulation 17) Download this flyer by clicking here. Feel free to share it. In order to move children between homes, you require the following: 1. Court Order; or 2. Parenting Plan registered with the Office of the Family Advocate; or 3. Parental responsibilities and rights agreement registered with the Office of the Family Advocate; and 4. The household to which the child has to move must be free of COVID-19. Or A Magistrate’s Permit 3 Steps to obtain a Magistrate’s Permit: 1. Visit your Magistrate’s Court. 2. Take with the child’s birth certificate or certified copy. 3. Provide written reasons as to why the movement of the child is necessary. The household to which the child has to move must be free of COVID-19. Download this flyer by clicking here. Feel I want to learn more

The movement of children during the lockdown – All you need to know

History of the law of exercising contact and care rights of parents during the lockdown in South Africa – The rollercoaster ride for parents and lawyers The national lockdown not only affected our movement by keeping us in our homes. It also affected our relationships with people important and dearest in our lives. Here we refer to family, friends and colleagues to mention a few. Before the lockdown commenced in South Africa, parents were exercising contact with their children as they always have in the past. Friends and family gatherings were not seen as a privilege but as part of daily life, and an inherent right. However, when the lockdown commenced, things drastically changed. And without warning. The following are a few of the actual consequences of the lockdown when it comes to family relations: Spouses or partners who would only see each other for part of the day, now I want to learn more

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf representing his client in an Urgent High Court Hearing done via Video Conferencing

Litigating Virtually During the National Lockdown – How Advocates, attorneys and presiding officers are doing their work The face of litigation drastically changed during the National Lockdown. In order to limit the spread of Covid-19, the legal profession and judiciary had to implement new processes. Of these, are virtual legal proceedings making use of video conferencing. The picture in this post depicts an actual hearing of an Urgent Application at the Western Cape High Court yesterday. The Presiding Judge was in his chambers in the High Court, and both parties’ advocates were litigating from their chambers. After the ruling was made, the Urgent Order was emailed to the Judge’s registrar. This shows how the wheels of justice can still move, making use of technology. The pictures on the screen are that of the Presiding Judge and opposing counsel. The photos were taken in Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf’s chambers in Cape Town I want to learn more

Free Child Custody Consultation during the National Lockdown

The limited-time Free 15 (fifteen) minute legal advice consultation on child custody (care and contact) matters during the National Lockdown ENDED The free Free 15 (fifteen) minute legal advice consultation on child custody (care and contact) matters during the National Lockdown which was offered on 9 June 2020 ended on 24 August 2020. We hope all those who made use of the free service benefited from it. To make a legal advice consultation where a fee is applicable, kindly complete the form below.

Evictions during level 3 Alert Level – Are evictions allowed during the National Lockdown?

Is my landlord allowed to evict me and my family during the National Lockdown if we cannot pay our rent? What are my legal rights considering COVID-19? We are today experiencing day 99 of the South Africa national lockdown. Many people are out of work, and unable to pay their rent, mortgage bonds and so on. COVID-19 came with it a lot of challenges and drastically affected everyone’s lives. During this period, Our Lawyer received many queries regarding the eviction of people from their homes during the national lockdown. As people cannot pay their rent or monthly mortgage bond repayments, eviction is on many people’s minds. Commercial Rent Defaulters during the National Lockdown This article does not deal with the eviction from commercial property. For example, it would not apply to you if you are a business owner and cannot afford to pay your commercial rent. Here reference can be I want to learn more

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