I am looking for the best lawyer, attorney or advocate in South Africa for my case. How do I find him or her?

I am in search of a trustworthy attorney or advocate. Please direct me to reputable sources to find one. There are many reputable sources for legal advice and services. Some options include consulting with an advocate or attorney, reaching out to a legal aid organisation, or searching for legal resources through your various websites. It’s essential to research and choose a reliable source to ensure that you receive accurate and trustworthy legal guidance, advice or representation. When do I decide that there is a need to consult with a lawyer, attorney, or advocate? Consider consulting with a lawyer, attorney, or advocate if you are facing a legal issue or have questions you need help with. Some everyday situations where you may want to consult a lawyer include:  1. You have been arrested or charged with a crime;  2. You are facing a civil lawsuit or have been served with legal I want to learn more

The prohibition of wearing headscarves for females at work and places of learning despite religious convictions and the Supreme Law of the Republic of South Africa – The Constitution. 

The prohibition of wearing headscarves for females at work and places of learning despite religious convictions and the Supreme Law of the Republic of South Africa – The Constitution. What practical use is the fundamental right to freedom, when you are not free to be free? What practical use is the fundamental right to practice one’s universally recognised religion, but you are told not to do so by your employer or educator?  Is brilliant legislation and policies meticulously crafted, framed and inked with scented oils onto canvas, of any practical worth, if it merely serves as an apparent reference, but not to be rigorously enforced and revered? This informative article has been undoubtedly inspired by the civil matter between Major Fatima Isaacs and the South African National Defence Force. Major Isaacs is facing possible dismissal for resolutely refusing to surreptitiously remove her hijab (headscarf) after being commanded to do so. I want to learn more

How to find the right lawyer for your case. Costs, experience, and your preference.

Factors to consider when searching for child custody, divorce or child maintenance lawyers? Not all lawyers are the same. Just as not all doctors are the same. You won’t go to a medical doctor who is a foot specialist (podiatrist) if you have a skin problem. For that, you will see a Dermatologist. This you would do, even if the podiatrist knows a bit about skin illnesses and diseases and is, nonetheless, a medical doctor. The same principles apply to the law and to lawyers. Various lawyers specialise in various fields of law. Some know more, and some know less. You won’t meet with a property lawyer if you have been accused of medical malpractice; or would you? You get the point we are trying to bring across. Factors to consider when enlisting legal service from a legal practitioner There are Important factors to consider when employing, or enlisting the I want to learn more

Questions posted on Live Q and A with Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf

Questions posted on Live Q and A with Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf 12 questions posed when registering on www.ourlawyer.co.za/live Question 1 Western Cape I have a restraining order against the mother of my child as she harasses myself and my family. I pay my maintenance however she refuses to let me see my son. It’s been almost a year now and I have reached out to social workers as well as mediation for a parenting plan but so far, no assistance – PLEASE HELP Question 2 Kwazulu Natal Divorced since 2013. Settlement agreement in place and through the years the maintenance amount stated on that agreement has changed. This year we relocated and my daughter was given the opportunity to live with her school principal in order to finish her Gr7 year in an excellent school. Her father notified me that he will not pay her maintenance to me because she I want to learn more

Child contact and visitation disputes during the December/January School Holidays

Legal advice for parents from an Advocate regarding care and contact disputes during the December / January School Holidays The end of the year marks the start of the holiday season. Schools are closing, and most parents will be using their annual leave. It is the ideal time to spend time with family and friends and just rest and have fun. If you have children, you also want to spend quality time with them. This is especially so if not much time was spent together during the year. Ideally, both mom and dad would live in the same home as the children. However, that is not always the case. There are many reasons for that. It can relate to divorce, separation, or incompatibility. The list goes on. Regardless, each parent wants to spend quality time with their child during this festive season. And why should they not? Let us first I want to learn more

Best Advocate or Attorney Legal Services in Cape Town

How to find the best advocate or attorney for legal services in South Africa? Finding the best legal practitioners for you is not always straightforward. However, with some research and attention to detail, you will find the right person for the job sooner than later. Advocates and attorneys both assist their clients with legal matters. Legal issues vary, and not all advocates and attorneys do the same type of work. And then again, not all attorneys are the same, and not all advocates are the same. You should be familiar with this if you intend to use the top or best attorney or advocate for your matter. Type of Attorney in South Africa When we speak about attorneys, we need to differentiate them from lawyers in general. A lawyer can be someone who works for the government or in a corporation and who only advises on legal issues. They would I want to learn more

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