Child Maintenance in South Africa – Cape Town

What is child maintenance / child support?

The terms “child maintenance” or “child support” is pretty much self-explanatory. To put it simply, it is when both parents sees to the needs and well-being of their child / children. Needs can be classified as food, clothes, education, medical expenses and other general maintenance of the child’s living costs.

Child Maintenance Law

This is where the guidance and help of a family law legal professional comes in handy. To understand the rules and regulations that govern child maintenance/child support, expert legal advice is required from a professional.

The Child Support Act is there to ensure that both parents fulfill their legal obligations towards their child/children. In other words, the Act ensures that parents continue taking care of their children even after divorce. Child Maintenance includes the basic necessities such as:

  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Medical Care
  • Schooling
  • Food

Any legal executions regarding maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the Child Maintenance Act.

Maintenance Court Procedure

Find out where about is the closest magistrates’ court in your area and pay them a visit. It is however, important to bring along the necessary documents such as:

  • Birth certificate of your child/children.
  • Your identity document.
  • Proof of residence.
  • A divorce settlement.
  • Proof of your monthly income and expenses.
  • The personal details of the parent required to pay maintenance such as their name, surname physical and work address.
  • Copy of your bank statement.

Maintenance Court Procedure

When undergoing the process of claiming maintenance, you will have to fill in a detailed form stipulated by the Magistrate’s Court. This form shall request all details regarding your income and expenses. The form will cover essential expenses such as clothing, food, medical expenses and other relevant bills. Lighter expenses such as entertainment, pocket money and so forth, are also included in the “expenses” section. Expenses of parents and the child are however, listed separately.

The court however, will take a number of factors into consideration when stipulating the amount of maintenance that should be paid. Both parent’s income will be analysed and the court’s decision will be based accordingly.

Child maintenance calculator

Many people do not proceed with claiming child maintenance because they do not know if they have a case. This is minimized by making use of the calculator which would assist you with the following:

  • To have an idea on how much maintenance you should be receiving from the other parent of your child;
  • How much maintenance you should be paying; and
  • Assist in reaching a mutual agreement with the other parent due to having a more accurate idea of how much either parent should be contributing to the child or children’s living expenses.

Download your free child maintenance calculator today.

Start calculating today and find out how much to claim or pay with our free child maintenance calculator.

Child Maintenance office numbers

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  1. Hi my ex made my money less …. he make me sigh a letter from his laywer … i did sighn … but is this letter not sepose to go trough court … is this a legal letter

  2. Good day
    I am a parent who receives child maintenance from the father of my children, since November 2017, I have been getting the money irregularly. The payment is deducted from the father’s workplace, but the maintenance office in Roodepoort releases the money after the 7th whereas the deductions are made on or after the 25th each month. This month, February 2018 the money is not available, I went to the office again today and they told me that the money is with the National Office, they haven’t released the money, what do I do with such a problem?
    Please assist.

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