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Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf High Court Advocate South Africa
Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf High Court Advocate South Africa

Find the best Attorney, lawyer, or Trust Account Advocate in Cape Town

Everyone wants the best legal advice and services available. However not many of us know how to find a good or a reliable Attorney or Advocate when facing a legal problem. This article deals with the best way to find a Lawyer, Attorney or Advocate to assist you in resolving your legal problems.

Types of Lawyers – Attorneys and Advocates

You get many types of Lawyers. Some are good at some things and others are good at others. However, depending on your legal problem, a general Lawyer, Attorney or Advocate may not be the best person to speak to when handling your matter. Sometimes you will require an expert in the field. This would especially be so when dealing with specialist legal problems and where the stakes are high. These problems would include those of family law, business law, and criminal law. The fields mentioned, our specialist fields where you require a Lawyer or an Attorney with have special knowledge and skills in that field. Read on for some tips on how to find the best Attorney, or Lawyer for your legal problems.

How to find the best attorney or lawyer for your Legal problems?

For most, the starting point in your search to find a good Lawyer would be to do a simple search on the Internet for a good Lawyer, Advocate or Attorney in your area. You obviously do not want to find someone in another province. You may want to Google terms like “Attorney for child maintenance cape town” or “criminal law expert Durban”. Once you found somebody or a firm that meets your requirements, give them a call to see if they can assist you or advise you on your legal issue. You would most probably first speak to a receptionist. If you are satisfied, set up a consultation with them. Look for testimonials and other information of the law firm on the web before engaging with them.

If you require legal advice, then most Lawyers should be able to provide you with it. However, if it relates to a Court case, then you may have to arrange a meeting with one or two more first to ensure that you are happy. You initially thought the web and telephone would limit your search and time spend sourcing that right Lawyer for the job.

Fees / Costs of the Lawyer

The costs of legal services are just as important as the costs of a medical procedure. We all want the best, but that is not something that can always be afforded. But at the same time, you do get very good Lawyers who are not expensive and are reasonable in their fees. As it would be impossible for any legal practitioner worth her salt to provide you with the exact figure for a legal case; an estimate is always possible and welcomed.

Lawyers usually charge on a time basis. Therefore, if they work on your file for an hour, they will charge you for an hour. It is therefore important to find out what the lawyer’s rate is and how he or she charges. A fee agreement is usually entered into regulating the fees. The usual practice is for Attorneys to request a deposit beforehand. This deposit would be paid into the attorney’s trust account.

Final words of sourcing a lawyer

No two clients are alike. The same applies to lawyers. It is important that you make use of the services of a Lawyer you can get along with, and also that fits your pocket or budget. The last thing you want is for you or your Lawyer to terminate the mandate due to issues between the two of you. This would not benefit your case at all and could costs you or your case dearly.

As stated, make use of the internet to source your Lawyer. Many Lawyers list their services and expertise on their firm’s website. Some websites even provide testimonials of satisfied clients. However, it is advised that you contact the law firm telephonically to find out more about the specific service you require and whether they can be of service to you. You would then want to meet with them to discuss your case and see if there are the right firm for the job and fit your budget.

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13 thoughts on “Best Top Attorney and Advocate in Cape Town – South Africa

  1. Good day,

    I have a shared bond with my sister since 2013.
    My sister recently (2022) got married in community of property.
    We both live in the house along with her husband.
    I would just like to know what my rights is with regards to my half of the property?
    Your advice will be highly appreciated.

  2. Hi, I am engaged with litigation against Standard Bank in the Western Cape High Court. I have a pretrial hearing scheduled for 4 September 2023. I really need an attorney to come on record. Can you assist?

  3. Trust issues with two beneficiaries openings a shell trust with auditor within a trust , without the trustees who are my parents knowledge and bank giving trustees my parents at 70 in th loan accounts , they the trustees as surerity and brothers are laundering money with auditor within the trust violating the trust . The absa Bank also refuses to give any access to account debit orders or accounts , And despite complaining refuses to help me , they filed for lost copies of trust and are giving loans from a deregistered trust and allowing the beneficiaries to buy properties privately from fraud loans taken from this deregistered trust and illegally put the trust on the beneficiaries name , without knowledge of my parents that are trustees . I am a beneficiary of the trust with my parents . No one wants to assist me . Based on the family holds power everyone refuses to help . After intimidation takes place on auditors to saps connection even absa fraud to the judiciary refuses to assist or take acknowledgment , and making it a family matter and threatens me . My number is 0828788880 , my dad is 70 years , my mum is 63 and went for a bypass I am trying to help my parents based on I am a beneficiary I am trying my best t . Based on bank sayin it’s a family dispute and refusing to assist me . I need help .

  4. Hi
    I’m not sure what to do. My ex husband went to court for contact with my son,claiming his been obstructed. There was a visitation plan in place 5 years ago that he couldn’t obide to due to his wife having an issue with him visiting the child and on a few occasions he cancelled, showed up late or just disrespected the order. I went back to court and demanded a drug test , he refused and told me to f off and keep my child. His parents also then went to court ,also got visitations and stayed away. I’m just tired of being painted the bad guy. NEITHER OF THEM HAVE SHOWED INTEREST OR MADE EFFORT OVER THE YEARS, always running to court. I worry about how this will affect my son.

    1. Hi

      The end of the day, the court would have to decide what is best for the child. This they would have to do considering all the facts, even the motives of the parents.

  5. I was in accident, some years back at my work a head injury but I was never given a compensation by the company. I suffered hair loss since the accident my hair don’t grow in one part of my head . I wonder if you can help me.

  6. Hi
    I am having a big issue at the moment I have a child born out of wedlock her father was not in her life for the last seven years and now pop his come out and he wants to make demands what do I do please help

    1. Good day
      You need to do what is in your child’s best interests. However, if you refuse contact, he can still go to court and the court would decide what is best. We advise that you see a social worker on this issue to advise you if it is best that the father has contact, when and how.

  7. Hi there

    I am looking for a family lawyer/ family advocate to assist with a maintenance and custody issue.

    I would like to have full custody of my daughter. She is on her father’s surname. that’s the one issue. 2nd issue I am having a problem with decisions that need to b made and the father blocks me where ever he can…. just to mention a few.
    I just feel it is time for me to go the legal route.
    Your assistance and guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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