Avoid legal trouble and have business legal back up

Legal Trouble

The thing about the law is that you don’t have to be doing anything wrong to get into trouble. One can make innocent mistakes and get on the bad side of the law. This can be very costly when you’re running a business.

At our law offices, we offer professional business legal advice and guidance that will steer your business in the right direction. We offer the following business legal services:

  • Business Legal Support
  • Business Legislation Compliance
  • Drafting of Business Contacts
  • Drafting Employment Contacts
  • Business Legal Training
  • Private and Non Profit Company Registrations
  • Credit Profiles
  • Business Trusts Registration

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Here is why you should consider legal backup before your business can hit a potential snag…

Business mistakes can be costly

Whether you’re long in the game of business or just testing the waters, mistakes can unfold easily. You could be closing a business deal not realizing you signing your life away. It is times like this where the expertise of a legal expert could come in handy. Do not wait for your business to crash –act immediately and have your legal team on board.

Legal bullying

If you’re a newly flourished business, small but successful, you could start gaining the attention of big businesses. Silly, petty mishaps like marketing content, incorrect wording or images, can pose a threat to your business. Most small, self-starting business enthusiasts don’t have the legal back up immediately and big businesses know this. And so, they try and threaten your business will law suits for incorrect marketing content and so forth. These legal issues can suck your hard earned business dry should you fail to have the necessary legal back up in place.

It is important that you keep all receipts and financial records of the money coming in and going out. Should there arise any financial disputes with other businesses; the black and white proof will be there for the legal expert. The numbers don’t lie!

Business Legislation Compliance

When it comes to business legislation compliance, the legal expert advises that a business should not be started without legal support.

All businesses are required to comply with legislation. Furthermore, certain laws would be specific to your business. It is therefore important that you and your staff understands, and complies with the various legislative and other measures in place in relation to your business.

Therefore, no person should start a business, or continued running it, without knowing what are all the legal requirements involved. Other than the necessary licenses that might be required for the operation of your business, there are also tax issues, and various legislation that needs to be adhered to.

By way of example, if your business makes use of chemicals, the environmental laws needs to be adhered to. Legal requirement would also apply if you intend exporting goods or decide to run a transportation business. There are also internal requirements that needs to be attended. Here reference is made to UIF for employees, unions, insurances etc.

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Family Legal Consultancy – Free, expert family legal advice

What sets our consultancy aside from the rest is that we incorporate family legal matters as well – with the legal expertise of the legal expert, we are able to advise on family legal matters. Below are family legal topics we deal with:

We have compiled a range of online legal articles that explains the rights of fathers. These online articles contain free, expert legal advice compiled by the legal expert himself:

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