Pre-Nikkah / Post-Nikkah Agreements

changing your matrimonial property regime

Enter into a Pre-nikkah or Post Nikkah Agreement

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An Islamic marriage is a legal, sacred bond between man and a believing woman.

Legal and business services

A legal contract is entered into when concluding a marriage. It is however wise to enter into a written Pre-Nikkah Agreement stipulating the important aspects of the marriage. If you have not done so, you can still enter into a written Post Nikkah Agreement.

What is a Pre or Post Nikkah Agreement?

A Pre-nikkah or Post Nikkah Agreement is a written contract between bride and groom where each party specify in detail exactly what they expect and understand what is to come from the marriage.

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A Pre-nikkah or Post Nikkah Agreement deals with the proprietary aspects of your marriage, a swell  as the dowry. It may also deal with roles in the household, and other relevant information the parties wish to include or advised by us.

Let us draft your Pre-Nikkah or Post-Nikkah Agreement

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