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Legal services can be very expensive. However, if you know how to move around the web, you can easily find free resources. If you are in search of family law related legal services and advice, you are at the right place.

We are a legal consultancy based in the Western Cape. Our services comprise of various family law and other legal fields. Should you require any family law legal advice or services, click on the various links on this website.

Our Family Law Clients

We firmly believe in family relations and the need to protect and enforce it when necessary. Therefore, proper workable legal advice must always be provided. This we strive to ensure. Although we are based in Cape Town, we offer legal advice and legal services to clients throughout South Africa. This we do as we believe in providing high-quality legal services to everyone who requires it.


Free Family Law Resources

If you require any of the following free resources, feel free to order them.

  1. A Free Basic Will Tool Kit
  2. Free Shariah Will Template
  3. A Free Divorce Starter Tool Kit
  4. Free Child Maintenance Calculator
  5. A Free DIY Urgent Child Contact Toolkit
  6. Urgent Holiday Contact Toolkit

If you are in search of family law articles, view some of them below.

 Child Maintenance

  1. How to Apply for Child Maintenance at Court – Step by Step Guide and Advice
  2. Child Maintenance Question. How much should I pay or contribute as a parent?
  3. Child Support or maintenance claims. Does an unemployed father pay?
  4. Non-compliance with Maintenance Orders — Civil and Criminal Remedies
  5. Tricks and tips on how to win your child maintenance case

Child Custody

  1. The Law Regarding Children – The Children’s Act 38 of 2005
  2. How do I get full custody over my child?
  3. Parental Child Abuse in Custody Cases
  4. Relocate with a minor child. Parent Refusing Consent for a Passport
  5. Father being refused contact to his child! What are his rights as a Father?
  6. Father’s Parental Responsibilities and Rights to his Child
  7. Urgent Access to your Children without a Lawyer
  8. Parenting Plans and the Law
  9. What happens in a custody dispute where one parent is mentally ill?
  10. How to win your child custody and access court case – Tips and Tricks

Divorce & Property

  1. How to Change your Matrimonial Property Regime
  2. Do your own Unopposed Divorce. No lawyers needed and it’s Free.
  3. Parental Rights of Divorced Muslim parents after a Talaq or Faskh
  4. Free Online Divorce Assistance Form – DIY Cape Town South Africa comprising of:

Domestic Violence

  1. I’m in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. Help from Abuse.
  2. How to make a Domestic Violence Application

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10 thoughts on “Free legal advice Cape Town – Family Law – South Africa

  1. Hi when I found out I was pregnant then my baby father asked me if I was going to keep the baby when I told him I would he asked for blood test to prove it’s realling his child his sister got involved and told me her brother is to young to be a father and I was supposed to know of better because I’m a bit older than him then I decided to move on with my life and my boyfriend I’m currently with took full responsibility of my baby being his father now my baby’s father wants visitation rights after I moved on with my life and him and his family humalihated me please what can I do to keep him away from me and my child

  2. Hi my fiance has a set of twins court has ordered him to pay R1 200 a month for both kids now the mother is demanding that he gives R1 500 for school fees and camp fees and then she still wants the R 1 200 the end of the month is she allowed to do that?

    1. Good day
      If she needs it for the children, she is allowed to ask. If he feels it is unreasonable, then she needs to approach the maintenance court to sort out the issue.

  3. Good day

    Please can you assist me. This is a bit of a long story: my boyfriend is busy getting divorced. Him amd his ex signed a settlement agreement bit it has not yet been taken through to court as he doesn’t have a job currently. He is doing odd jobs here and there and the little bit of money that comes in, he has to cover his expenses. When he moved out, he moved in with me and he brought his 14 year old daughter with. In the settlement agreement with his ex, it says that the ex will care for the son and he will care for the daughter. Because he doesnt have a job, we are currenlty living off only my salary and we are not making ends meet. He is responsible for the daughters school fees. Now the ex said he needs to pay for his daughters medical aid. She earns around R50 000 and recently got a promotion at work. He barely earns R4000. The daughters school fees are R4000. Then he isnt even contributing to the daughters food or accommodation. Now the ex wants to take him to court for not paying her medical aid which he cannot afford and he can prove it. He loat his job because his ex’ family tricked him into working for them and offered him a huge salary. When he didnt want to make things work with their sister, they fired him. Now he is struggling to find work.

    What can he do as he doesn’t have money for laywers? What is his rights?

    Thank you

    1. Good day

      The court would order him to pay what is fair and not what the mother demands. He needs to get all his documents in order and present it to the court accordingly.

  4. Hi there. I wanted some guidance on transferring my maintenance file JNB to CPT. I sent family, called and had no luck. And advice on the quickest route?

  5. Good day. Are you perhaps able to guide me with the steps to take in order to draw up a parenting plan? The father of my child is uncooperative. We only have a verbal agreement for visitation currently but I am not happy due to my son wearing the same clothes to school, insufficient lunch, hygiene issues etc.

    1. Good day

      It is best to have a third party assist in drafting a parenting plan that both parties are happy with. Then you have the option of registering it with the office of the Family Advocate or having it made an order of court.

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