Parenting plan and the Children’s Act

Parenting plan in terms of the Children’s Act

A parenting plan becomes relevant when parents cannot reach an agreement on how they should be splitting their responsibilities towards their child/children. However, the High Court prefers having parents trying to establish a common ground first through mediation services or mutual understanding before resorting to the court.

The aim of mediation is to try and settle a dispute out of court and help the two parties establish an understanding regarding their children. In terms of the Children’s Act; it is aimed at preserving the child’s best interests and not that of the parent’s. It therefore encourages parents to fulfill their duties and responsibilities towards their children even after divorce.

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How to draft a parenting plan

Drafting a parenting plan will sometimes need the guidance and expertise of a professional family legal expert, especially when the dynamics of the matter can become complex. For more on how to go about parenting plans, click on the link below:

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The Family Advocate parenting plan

First of all, the function of the Family Advocate is to help parents reach a mutual agreement about their shared duties and responsibilities towards the child. If an agreement cannot be reached, a recommendation to the court will be made and matters will be taken further.

The Family Advocate also deals with matters of divorce, child custody, visitation arrangements etc. The court however, will be last resort. For more on divorce, child custody, child maintenance, parenting plans, call our law offices today and have our friendly receptionist make an online appointment for you. Are you residing out of Cape Town? Call our national number on 087 701 1124 today.

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