Property Registration Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the documents required for land registration?
What is registration of property?
Are property deeds public record?
How long does it take for a bond to be registered at the deeds office?
What are the documents need to be checked before buying a plot?
Is will to be registered?
What is Khata Certificate and Khata Extract?
Do daughters have right father’s property?
What is the definition of a vacant house?
How can I get a copy of the deed to my house?
What does it mean if your name is on the deed to a house?
What is a first registration?
What is the deeds office?
What is will of a property?
Do Wills need to be recorded?
What is a Khata certificate?
What is encumbrance certificate of property?
What is an unoccupied dwelling?
What does unoccupied mean for home insurance?
Do I need to keep a copy of the deed to my house?
How do you get the deeds to your house?
When did Registration of title become compulsory?
What is the recorder of deeds?
What is the meaning of Register of Deeds?

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