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Lawyer, attorneys, advocates in Cape Town

Below are searched phases regarding legal services in Cape Town, South Africa. We give a brief explanation.

Maintenance Lawyers in Cape Town

A maintenance Lawyer would assist you in obtaining child maintenance or maintenance for yourself.

Legal Cape Town

You would use this search term should you require legal advice or services in Cape Town

Family law consultation

This consultation would deal with various aspects of family law. This includes child maintenance, custody, domestic violence or divorce.

Legal lawyer

All lawyers deal with legal matters.

Affordable family law attorney

There are many affordable family law attorneys.

Legal aid help

Legal aid is for persons who cannot afford legal assistance.

Family law issues

This relates to various issues. I can be marital, custody or domestic violence.

Legal services

Various lawyers offers legal services.

Custody attorney

A child custody attorney would assist you in obtaining custody or visitation to your child

Legal aid for poor people

Legal Aid is there to assist people who cannot afford legal representation.

Family law advice

This relates to divorce, custody, and relationship issues.

Custody law

This relates to the rights of parents to their child.

Marriage lawyer

This lawyer would assist you in drafting an Antenuptial Contract and Divorcing parties.

Family law attorney dealing with child custody

This attorney would assist you with child custody issues.

Legal divorce

For a divorce to be legal, it needs to be done by a court of law.

Child custody and visitation

This relates to the right of parents and interested parties to have contact and care over a child.

Alimony lawyer

This lawyer assists spouses in receiving maintenance for themselves.

Child custody attorney

This attorney assists with child custody issues. This includes visitation.

Legal aid lawyers

These lawyers work for legal aid institutions.

Divorce attorneys in Cape Town

There are many divorce attorneys in Cape Town.

Paternity lawyer

This lawyer would assist should there be a dispute regarding paternity.

Labour lawyers Cape Town

There are many labour lawyers in Cape Town

Divorce without a lawyer

It is possible to divorce without a lawyer.

Legal aid family law lawyers

Legal aid does have famiily lawyers.

Legal aid assistance

This is where legal aid assists you.

Family law adoption

Adoption falls under family law. Speak to a family lawyer.

Family law attorneys

Theses attorneys deal with child custody, divorce and so on.

Legal services civil advocate

This would be an advocate who does not deal in criminal matters.

legal aid legal services corp

This would relate to a legal aid business.

Unbundled legal services

This would relate to unbundled legal services offered.

Maintenance court

Each magistarial area in Cape Town has a maintenance court.

Free lawyer services

Some lawyers offer free legal services.

Divorce child custody

Divorce and Child custody goes and in hand.

Separation lawyer

A lawyer who would assist you during separation.

Legal advice

A lawyer would provide this.

Family law mediation

This is an option where you do not want to go to court and have the matter resoved with the assistance of a third party. Usually a mediator.

Child visitation lawyers

A chid visitation lawyer would assit you in obtaining contact to your child.

Low cost family law attorney

There are attorneys who charge a lawyer cost.

Uncontested divorce lawyer

A divorce where both parties agree to it. The lawyer would assist.

Family law divorce lawyer

This would be a lawyer, attorney or advocate that deals with family and divorce matters.

Family law practice

This would be a legal practice, of either an attorney or advocate who specialises in Family Law.

Community legal services

These  are organisations that assists the public with legal issues.

Legal consultation

This would be a consultation with an attorney or advocate for legal advice

Family practice lawyer

An attorney or advocate specialising in family legal matters.

Custody issues

Child custody issues relate to matters of visitation, guardianship and so on.

Marriage attorney

A marriage attorney is one who deals with ante-nuptial contract, parenting plans, and divorces.

Legal offices

Legal offices are the places where lawyers work and consult from.

Lawyer consultation

Law consultations are consultations with lawyers for advice.

Family custody lawyers

Family custody lawyers assists parents with their parental rights.

Attorneys cape town

There are many attorneys in Cape Town

Fathers custody rights

A father’s custody rights may differ if he was married to the mother or not as well as his involvement in the child’s life.

Custody lawyers

Custody lawyers assists parents with their custody rights.

Child custody lawyers

Child Custody lawyers assists parents with their custody rights.

Legal advice service

Various, if not all lawyers provide a legal advice service.

Maintenance court cape town

Cape Town has a maintenance court.

Law lawyers

All lawyers deal with law.

Fathers rights child custody

A father’s right to child custody depends on whether he was married to the child’s mother. It also depends on his involvement in the child’s life.

Divorce advocate

A divorce advocate specialises in divorce matters.

Family law

The branch of law dealing with family issues. For example, marriage, divorce, child custody and maintenance.

Legal help

Legal assistance.

Divorce cape town

Many divorces take place in Cape Town

Legal advisory

A legal advisory is a place that advices on legal matters.

Domestic lawyer

This would be a local lawyer.

Child custody for fathers

This would apply if there are issues regarding custody for fathers in relation to they children.

Family court lawyer

A family court lawyer is a lawyer who represents clients in the family court.

Legal aid lawyer services

Lawyers that assist you working for the legal aid.

Family law legal aid

Legal aid that assists in family law matters.

Our lawyer

This would refer to Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd.

Child maintenance

This relates to support for children by parents.

Family law lawyers

There are many family law lawyers in Cape Town.

low income lawyers

legal aid legal aid

legal help page

relocation consent with minor child

lawyers in cape town

free legal aid family law

legal aid attorney

family law child custody

labour lawyers

legal services

divorce and family law practice

free service lawyer for family court in

pro bono health care legal aid

free attorney advice

reduced fee employment legal aid

asian legal assistance

legal services network

reduced fee family law assistance

pro bono family law

legal aid advice

free legal services

Affordable attorney

There are many affordable attorneys in Cape Town.

Family law referral services

Family law services where they refer you to a specific lawyer.

Legal aid child support attorney

This would be an attorney work works for legal aid assisting parents with child support.

Reduced fee domestic violence legal aid

Some lawyers may reduce their fees for domestic violence matters.

Pro bono domestic violence legal aid

These would be lawyers who assist for free on domestic violence matters.

Free family attorney

There are certain attorneys who do not charge for certain services.

Pro bono employment legal aid

Legal aid assists people who cannot afford a lawyer.

Free lawyer consultation

You would find lawyers offering free first time consultations.

Pro bono family law services

Some lawyer offers free family law services.

Pro bono representation

Probono relates to free legal assistance.

Employment legal services

This is a lawyer who assists in employment matters.

Pro bono civil lawyers

Lawyers who do not charge for civil matters.

Family law services

This relatest to child custody, divorce, relocation, and so on.

Reduced fee health care legal aid

This would relate to a lawyer offering free health care legal advice.

Free lawyer advice

Some lawyers offer free advice.

Pro bono family law lawyers in Cape Town

This would relate to a lawyer operating in Cape Town offering free family law assistance.

Pro bono insurance law assistance

This is where a lawyer assist you for free fro insurance matters.

Pro bono attorneys for child support

Some attorneys would not charge you for child support claims.

Lawyer aid service

This would be where a lawyer assist you for free.

Free family law assistance

This is where you receive free family law assistance.

Free family law services

Some organisations offer free legal services in the field of family law.

Corporate legal advice service

This relates to companies and businesses. For example, issues relating to contracts, or labour issues.

Legal services of lawyers

This relatest to the legal services lawyers offer.

Reduced fee family law services

Some law firms offer reduced fees for family law matters.

Legal Aid legal services

This is where legal advice would assist you with a legal matter.

Pro bono family law assistance

Some lawyers offer free legal family law assistance.

Law firms in Cape Town

There are many law firms in Cape Town dealing with a variety of matters.

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7 thoughts on “Lawyers and Legal Services in Cape Town South Africa

  1. We are looking at getting divorced. An uncontested divorce. We agree on all the terms we just want to get it over with. Being as cost friendly as possible.

  2. Good day we have a case against police for unexplained and unlawful assault against my husband while he was working in public and he was also robbed of his days earnings,the Ipid investigation is undergoing and we have CCTV footage of everything…but we don’t have the money for lawyer please if you could help🙏

  3. Good Day
    Please, I urgently need help.
    My ex husband is not paying child support.
    He knows that I can not afford a Attorney and take him to court.
    I am raising our 2 daughter by myself, on just my small income.
    If his kids asks him for money he is nasty to them.
    I am so frustrated, hurt, sad, as my kids do not have to suffer. As a father it is his one responsibility to support his children. When I do speak to him about money and assistance, he is rude, leaves me thumbs up emojis, he does not care. Or says he does not have money. My hands are tied. I can not afford a Lawyer to go to take him to court. He was ordered to pay R3000 a month when we first got divorced 3 years ago. Please, is there anyone that can help me? Even just to send him a letter. I beg for your assistance

  4. My case is at high Court. Legal aid and pro bona lawyers can’t assist me because of my assets. I have been abuse. I am a pensioner. Co-owner of two homes. I must wait for 2 years fo pretrial date. I was told to F out of our home. Three and a half years from home. At the moment I am homeless. Need some advice. Many thanks.

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