Free Child Custody Consultation during the National Lockdown

Free Child Custody Consultation during the Lockdown

Free 15 (fifteen) minute legal advice consultation on child custody (care and contact) matters during the National Lockdown

Our lawyer’s legal advisors are offering parents a 15 (fifteen) minute telephonic consultation for a limited period only. During the national lockdown, parents who are experiencing difficulties in exercising contact and care to their minor children are welcome to set up a legal advice consultation with a legal practitioner for advice.

The consultations are all done remotely making use of Our Lawyer’s remote telephonic, or WhatsApp call consultation options. If you feel that you require a longer consultation, either telephonically, face to face or via video, kindly consider making use of the usual appointment link.

The process to set up a free child custody consultation for 15 minutes

Kindly complete the online appointment form below:

Once the form is completed, you would receive an email with details of the consultation

Please share. Someone in need may find it useful.

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