Child Maintenance Advice -Johannesburg

Maintenance Court Johannesburg There are number of child maintenance courts in Johannesburg. Below are local maintenance courts that could be close to your area: Johannesburg Family Court Centre – Magistrates’ Court Johannesburg Central Magistrate Court – Magistrates’ Court Hillbrow Magistrates Court – Magistrates’ Court To claim child maintenance/child support, you should visit your closest maintenance court in your area. Maintenance Court Procedure Find out where about is the closest magistrates’ court in your area and pay them a visit. The following will be required: Birth certificate of your child/children. Your identity document. Proof of residence. A divorce settlement. Proof of your monthly income and expenses. The personal details of the parent required to pay maintenance such as their name, surname physical and work address. Copy of your bank statement. In attempt to claim maintenance, you will have to fill in a detailed form stipulated by the Magistrate’s Court. This form I want to learn more

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