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Family Law Email Legal Advice Service

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Legal and business servicesIf something is troubling you, you want to find a solution fast. The same would apply to legal matters. What if your spouse tells you, “I will leave with everything”?  Can he or she say so? Or what if the father of your child tells you after an argument, “just see, I will get full custody over Micky and you will never see her again”? Now the mere fact that such a statement was made, means that it could possibly happen. But can you be sure? Do you know the law good enough to not worry about any such statement? Then there is the other extreme. You want to get married, but you do not know whether or not you should get married, In Community of Property, with or without the accrual regime. Do you know what the law says about this? Or do you want to wait until a few days before your marriage to obtain clarity on the issue?

Getting legal answers

Where are we going with this? With today’s fast paced world, people want to get answers fast, and at the same time, the correct answers. Sure, you can search for answers online, but sometimes, you won’t find it, or the issue is of such great importance that you require the right answer, promptly by a qualified person. In short, the answer or advice must be related specifically to your unique situation. This is where we come in. If you require  legal and /or business law related advice; we would provide it to you via email, promptly and professionally customised to your unique situation.

Our Email Legal Advice Service

Therefore, for your convenience, and making legal services accessible to all, at affordable prices, we introduced a same day Email Advice Legal service to make legal advice easily accessible and affordable to the public. Once you made payment, via our convenient online payment system, you send us your legal question and enjoy prompt and efficient legal advice at an affordable price. Click here to view our terms and conditions.

How do you make use of our Email Advice Service?

We strive to provide professional legal advice in Family Law and other legal fields, whether it be divorce, employment, criminal, domestic violence and much more! Once you made payment online, you can immediately send us your legal question. Should you send your question between 08:00 and 16:00 on a business day, you will receive your professional legal advice the same day.  If you send it to us in the evening or on a weekend, you would receive your legal advice before noon the next business day.

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