Have a legal expert draft your agreements and business contracts

Professional drafting of your business agreements and contracts

First of all, running a business requires its own set of expertise and guts – we admire your courage and we understand that it’s not easy. However, a business person can in no way act as a legal expert when it comes to the drafting of business agreements and contracts. Unfortunately.

Legal and business servicesIt is for this reason your business may require the legal expertise of a legal professional who can help you avoid potential loopholes in your agreement. To have a fresh, legal perspective is relevant to the growth of your business and prevents your business from mistakes that could be irreversible.

We are a family and business legal consultancy that aims to deliver professional, expert legal advice and guidance where necessary.

See our estimated cost for our legal business products are as follows:

Ante-nuptial Contracts R 2 100 – 00
Basic Will Drafting R 1 000 – 00
Email Legal Advice (per question) R 299 – 00
Family Trust Registration R 7500 – 00
Shariah Will Drafting  R 950 – 00
Unopposed Divorces  R 9500 – 00

For your convenience, we are also professional legal drafters of Ante-Nuptial Contracts which will cost you to you a total of R2 100 – 00. Furthermore, we have a professional online method in which you can call our offices on 021 424 3487, for an online appointment to be made for you.

Drafting of Business Contracts

The legal expert however, reminds us that is it written contracts that binds people to their word:

A sure way for a business to encounter problems in the future, is for it not enter into important written agreements to bind its clients and suppliers, to mention a few.

We are professional legal drafters of:

Sale Agreements;
Lease Agreements;
Service Agreements;
Non-disclosure agreements; and
Other business Contracts.

Drafting of Employment Contracts

As stated by the business legal expert, contracts can be tailored accordingly in a manner that best reflects the needs of your business.

All businesses are unique, and therefore require customized employment contracts. Furthermore, with the stringent employment laws, it is more important now than ever to ensure that all your employment contracts are legally sound. The last thing your business needs is for a disgruntled employee to take you to the CCMA or the labor court. Speak to us today.

For more on business legislation compliance and legal drafting, find out more about the business legal services we offer.

We offer the following business legal services that could be of help for your business:

  • Business Legal Support
  • Business Legislation Compliance
  • Drafting of Business Contacts
  • Drafting Employment Contacts
  • Business Legal Training
  • Private and Non Profit Company Registrations
  • Credit Profiles
  • Business Trusts Registration

Would you like to consult with the legal expert for expert legal advice regarding your business? Call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment to be made for you.

Fortunately our law offices boasts a very straight forward online process in which the potential client will receive an automated email their side stating all the relevant details for the consultation. The email will highlight:

  • Name (of potential client)
  • Surname (of potential client)
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Contact details
  • Date and time of consultation
  • Nature of legal matter
  • Payment methods are highlighted and terms and conditions .

Call our offices on 021 424 3487, for an online appointment to be made for you today!

Family legal consultancy –  divorce matters

With extensive experience in family legal matters, we have found divorce, child custody and child maintenance to be the most commonly dealt with legal matters.

By observing its popular demand for effective legal services, we have compiled easily accessible legal pieces containing free, expert legal advice for your convenience. See the links below and enjoy:

  1. How to Apply for Child Maintenance at Court – Step by Step Guide and Advice
  2. Child Maintenance Question. How much should I pay or contribute as a parent?
  3. Child Support or maintenance claims. Does an unemployed father pay?
  4. Non-compliance with Maintenance Orders — Civil and Criminal Remedies
  5. Tricks and tips on how to win your child maintenance case

Are you interested in any of our legal services? Do feel free to contact our law offices on 021 424 3487 for online appointment for a professional legal consultation today. Our law offices are situated in the heart of the buzzing CBD at Suit 702, 7th floor, The Pinnacle, Cape Town.

contact our law offices on 021 424 3487 for online appointment for a professional legal consultation today.

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