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If you have not browsed through this website before; now is the time. You will find useful information and relevant articles. These articles relate to various aspects of family law and related matters. For example, child maintenance, child custody, divorce and so on. You would also find interesting articles relating to relocation as well as passport applications for minor children where consent is refused. Therefore, it is an authoritative website on family law. Furthermore, it is fast and secure.

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2 thoughts on “Over 3000 legal questions and answers on Our Lawyer’s Website

  1. Our Lawyer says:

    22 Aug 2019 at 06:08

    Good day

    Yes, you have full right to ask for a receipt. Otherwise, request to pay it into a banking account.

    Hi there in response to the above, does this include receipts on how and what the maintenance money is spent on?
    I’f the mother refuses to produce reciepts on how the maintenance is spent what do I do?

    Really appreciate the advise

    1. Good day
      It would be exhausting for the mother to always to have to account for what she does with the mother and show receipts etc. Usually, you pay an amount each month and leave it that. If you feel the amount is too much, then you can ask for proof. If the mother takes you to the maintenance court, they would order an amount and not ask her to her receipts.

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