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17 thoughts on “Over 3000 legal questions and answers on Our Lawyer’s Website

  1. Good morning.
    My sister died in 2018, her niece claims that she had a Will and that Will was read amongst them and the was no prove of the Will, so they took the car says my sister left it for her and the house Is a family house and it has a caretaker, now the caretaker wants to sell the house. My question is that, Is it possible for the caretaker to sell our family house .

  2. It would seem the lawyer/advocate is very much favouring the mother. There are no rights for fathers nowadays. This seems very unfair towards fathers..
    Why should the father’s parents be sued for maintenance when they are old and sickly. This whilst one of the other grandparent as well as the mother doesn’t work. It’s not a case of being unable to work, but refusing to work. Why work when the father can be sued for more maintenance than what he can afford, and when he can’t afford it, lets go after the grandparent, in this case the grandmother who is a widow and working whilst ill, and being 10 older than the other grandparent. This really sucks and is so “in your face” as a father and grandparent. It’s by time the law becomes more fair instead of always favouring the mother.

  3. To whom it may concern,

    Please may you answer the following question – Can a plaintiff sue or take the defendant to the South African small claim court if the defendant is living in a different province?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Searching for solution

    1. The court must have jurisdiction. Usually, the cause of action should arise within the court’s area of jurisdiction of the defendant lives elsewhere.

  4. Father to a beautiful son of 2 months old.
    Had a argument with my wife and as a result have been denied seeing my son. We had been house sitting for a family member who is currently in Johannesburg. I was asked to leave by my wife 24th December 2020,and had to do so,to prevent conflict.
    She has used the family property as a method to keep me from seeing my son.
    Argument was about giving her 2 children R1000 each for Christmas, although I had bought them gifts. I was crucified because of my view on it and that erupted into a nasty argument. I have tried asking the police for help and no help provided.
    My wife had friends interfere in our marriage issues and had them looking after my son,whilst she was out for hours, the very same friends who attempted to harass me,ended up looking after my son and taking photographs and posting it on Social media. I am in dire need of advice as I cannot afford an attorney.
    This was my miracle baby,as I was told countless times I could not have children. Aged 45. This is a heartbroken Dad.

  5. So after lockdown I cannot afford my domestic worker(which lives on my property). She is from Mozambique originally. And as I have no contract or any type of written agreement with her, she now wants to run to the Union when I need to dismiss her – saying that she will get mile in a lot of trouble. Please advise.

  6. Good day … I would like to knw what documents do I need to produce wen claiming for child maintanance for the first time.. I have 2 kids and his father is not maintaining them and he works a gud job. Please help

    1. Good day
      Take with proof of income and expenses for you and the child. Also take with the birth certificate, your Identity document, as well as for the father if you have it. Lastly, take with details of the father’s employment and address if you have it. If you do not have any of the latter document or information, you may still go to the maintenance court. They should still assist you.

  7. Hi. I am 25 years old with a 5 years old daughter. Her father was never there since the beginning. I tried talking to the family to take responsibility and their son but the only answer i got is that he has a child and a girlfriend and he did agree that my child is his but theres nothing they will do for my daughter. I’ve been supporting my child alone for 5 years now and feel that i should start getting support from his side too . I dont know how to start with the process and where i go . Please help me.

    1. Good day. All parents are required to support the financial needs of a child. You may approach the nearest magistrates court and apply for child maintenance. Make sure to take all relevant documentation

  8. Our Lawyer says:

    22 Aug 2019 at 06:08

    Good day

    Yes, you have full right to ask for a receipt. Otherwise, request to pay it into a banking account.

    Hi there in response to the above, does this include receipts on how and what the maintenance money is spent on?
    I’f the mother refuses to produce reciepts on how the maintenance is spent what do I do?

    Really appreciate the advise

    1. Good day
      It would be exhausting for the mother to always to have to account for what she does with the mother and show receipts etc. Usually, you pay an amount each month and leave it that. If you feel the amount is too much, then you can ask for proof. If the mother takes you to the maintenance court, they would order an amount and not ask her to her receipts.

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