What is the procedure to dispute child maintenance because I am not happy with the maintenance officer’s ruling

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Question 1:


What is the procedure to dispute child maintenance because I am not happy with the maintenance officer’s ruling I want to take the matter back to court for formal enquiry in front of the magistrate?

I have 3 minor kids aged 118 & 6. I have a bond paying 6000 – the officer said I can’t claim for accommodation which I was not happy with because we are not staying for free. Grocery of R3200 electricity R900 municipal water rates and taxes R1200. Domestic Worker 2500 school fees R3030 school transport R1800 medical aid 3060 uniform clothes twice a year. Stationery. House maintenance household expenditure. I want to dispute the order because the officer was baised. The officer told me that I can’t claim for accommodation because its my bond so it’s my problem. The officer said the domestic Worker work at my house. Worst part none of our documents were scrutinised. I felt so frustrated angry and helpless. The officer decided that the father will pay for school fees school transport stationery school uniform and clothes twice a year. I am still doing more and I am earning way less that the father. Atleast is the matter can be taken back for formal enquiry so that they can look at our income expenses and then child’s need. The office took out lots of things from my claim. Accommodation electricity water and rates grocery domestic Worker medical aid and all other expenses household and house maintenance are on me. I want court to re look at this. Please advise me frustrated mother.

Question 2:


My maintenance file spans from December 2010 when I opened a case against my ex-husband at the Randburg Magistrates Court. It is a long involved saga. We tried subeponas a couple of garnishees section 31 section 10 an attachment orderand still he just avoids pays what he feels like if he feels like moves jobs works as a consultant tries to hide his businesses and who he is working with and for. The case started in Randburg then transfered to Pietermaritzburg when we moved there and now is back at the Randburg Courts. I have finally managed to trace his details but feel so despondent because it feels like we are going to just continue in the fight and it will be fruitless. I have 3 children who have suffered through this and I am needing to ask if there is any hope. He is a smooth talker and manages to smooth talk his way through court proceedings even when he doesnt bring his financials. I suspect too that his life partner is also behind hiding financials as she is a financial accountant and has been on scene since the beginning. Not sure where to turn to or how to begin again.

Question 3:


Am i entitled to claim back maintenance?

Question 4:


I do not require legal advice. I want to attend the session as I intend to proceed with pupillage in the near future and this is one of the facets that I have a keen interest in. I would like the opportunity to attend this session to gain more knowledge on the topic and to understand how to handle problems of this nature.

Question 5:


I have twin girls turning 15 this Month. their Father had been paying R2500 maintenance for the last 3 years and 1 school fees and helps with School clothes for 1 child – he is supposed to buy them clothing for when he has them for holidays which hasn’t been done over 2 years – I barely can afford to buy them clothing and this holiday I am sending them to him with no much clothing so he is forced to buy for them while they there. He was supposed to get the girls a medical aid which never happened. They have it now because my Job gave that to me as a perk (which I am very grateful for) . My Salary without his maintenance after debt and deductions is only +/- R5000 which I have to buy food/electricity/fuel for my car/pay School Fees. I have asked him to increase it and I am not asking for a ridiculous amount of money but he hasn’t budged. The girls have needs and I feel he needs to play a bigger financial roll then he is. He is married with 2 other children. Beginning of this year he started working overseas. He comes back for 3 Months and goes back. I want to know if he isn’t in the country could his wife be summoned to court on behalf of him? Thank you.

Question 6:


I have a maintenance case we attend our first date than he said I need DNA to make sure that the kids yours DNA date  was on 26 of October 2021 I go to court when I drive I found this guy send doctor letter he said I tested positive for COVID 19 but he come to sign our ob book Maintenance court is gonna help me


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2 thoughts on “What is the procedure to dispute child maintenance because I am not happy with the maintenance officer’s ruling

  1. I appeared for maintenance. The court rule I should pay R1500 a month which I can not afford. I gave them all my expenses they say my wife must cover that expenses .
    My child’s mother refuse to work. The judge didn’t even listen to my reason she sided with the child’s mother.

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