Child Support Calculator – Calculate how much to claim or pay in Child Maintenance

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Free Child Support Calculator

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Legal and business servicesCalculating how much to claim as child support can sometimes be a headache. This may be one reason why people do not proceed with an application for maintenance at the maintenance court. Often times, all that is required is some simple guidance and a push in the right direction. This is where our Child Maintenance Calculator comes into play.  If you want to go right ahead and download the Free Child Support / Child Maintenance Calculator, you can do so by clicking on the link provided. Otherwise read on to find out more about the free useful product.

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Who created the Child Maintenance Calculator?

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf created the Free child support / child maintenance calculator . He is a family law expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Family Law. He created the calculator to assist the layperson to determine how much child maintenance the mother should be receiving. The tool goes further in assisting parents to accumulate information relevant to an application for a child maintenance application at court. This is a very handy tool especially for those who are making an application for a Child Support / Child Maintenance Order for the first time. It can also be used by persons who has to pay child support or child maintenance in determining what they can afford to pay as child support or child maintenance.

Calculator used in Child Maintenance Legal Cases

Whenever Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf is approached to assist in a child support or child maintenance matter, he always advises his clients to first fill in the maintenance calculator before he proceeds with the maintenance matter. He uses the information provided to assess the case. Because the calculator is in Microsoft Excel format, he can easily extract relevant data.

Download the child support / child maintenance calculator

Feel free to download a copy of the child support / child maintenance calculator by clicking here: child support / child maintenance calculator. The calculator is in Microsoft Excel format. You may customise it as required for your case. Once you completed it, it is easy to print and analyse further.

Have a preview of the child support / child maintenance calculator

You can have a web preview of the child maintenance calculator before downloading it. You can then decide if you wish to download it. Kindly note that it is best consult with a legal practitioner or the maintenance court first before submitting any amounts in a maintenance matter.

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