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Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf outside the Western Cape High Court

Western Cape High Court and Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf

For those who do not know, Cape Town boasts the seat of the Western Cape High Court, the Highest Court of Law in the Western Cape.  Therefore, most major court cases makes its way to Cape Town.  This could either be due to the nature of the court case, or that a decision is being appealed and has to be heard in the Western Cape High Court. For that very reason, you will find many law offices in Cape Town.  These offices could either belong to a legal practitioner, who is an attorney or an advocate.

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf

One such legal practitioner, is Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf whose chambers (offices) are very close to the Western Cape High Court. Academically, he holds an LL.B Degree (Bachelor of Laws Degree), as well as an LL.M Degree (Master of Laws Degree). As to the amount of years he has been practising as an advocate; it is over 15 (fifteen years). He gained prominence very early in his legal career, when he won a ground-breaking case for his client. Because of this case, it is now possible to claim maintenance from paternal grandparents of children born out of wedlock? This was not possible for over 80 years. The relevant case is Petersen v Maintenance Officer Simon’s Town Maintenance Court and Others 2004 2 SA 56 (C) 381 heard in 2014.

Moreover, over a decade ago, Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf was an advocate in an important constitutional case. This was where the Western Cape High Court confirmed the extensive powers of the Maintenance Court, which includes interdicting pension funds. The relevant case is Soller v Maintenance Magistrate, Wynberg and Others 2006 2 SA 66 (C) 2006 446 heard in 2016.

Picture outside the Western Cape High Court

The picture in this post was taken when Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf exited the Western Cape High Court. To read more about the advocate, go ahead and Google him. Furthermore, have a look at this link https://www.ourlawyer.co.za/about-advocate-muhammad-abduroaf/


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