Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf – Law, Business, fitness and Networking

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf – The business, legal and fitness guru

Law, business, fitness and networking, that is what advocate Muhammad Abduroaf is all about. But let’s start with a short introduction. Those who are connected to the advocate will know he is very popular with the local running community. With having completed the Comrades Ultra Marathon and the Two Oceans Ultramarathon a few times, he is no stranger to endurance running.  With that, he has completed many marathons and shorter races. Now that we got health and fitness out of the way, let’s move to the law.

The Advocate and the Law

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf has been practicing as an advocate of the High Court of South Africa for over 15 (fifteen) years. He holds an LL.B, as well as an LL.M degree in law both from the University of the Western Cape. This University boasts one of the best law faculties in South Africa. Other than that, he advises and represents clients on an array of legal matters and issues. These ranges from corporate law, family law, to criminal law. He further argued on two (2) very important reported judgments dealing with child maintenance. Other than that, he also runs various legal and/or business advice consultancies. In doing so, he is part of making the law more accessible to all.

Advocate and Business

Advocate Abduroaf is part of various companies offering business legal services. They are listed below. For a basic service, he assists businesses with their registration, either as a private company (Pty Ltd) or non-profit company (NPC). He would even go further assisting businesses with obtaining a non-profit organisation number from the Department of Trade and Industry. Then there are the other advanced aspects. These include drafting of agreements, tax compliance, company secretarial work (Share Certificates etc). Depending on the service required, various options are available. If you want to waterproof your business or save it from drowning, he is the man to speak to.

Advocate and Networking

Advocate Abduroaf is a well-connected professional, making great use of social media and the basics that technology offers us all. This includes Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. With over 27 000 Linkedin contacts and almost 5 000 Facebook friends, the advocate is a social networking guru. He knows and understands that as businesses and customer needs evolve, so should business marketing techniques and strategies. The same applies to the manner in which he provides business and legal services. You must see him  in action.

Continuing with networking, the advocate believes everyone has something that would benefit the next person, either in business or in life in general. Therefore, feel free to connect with the advocate on various social media platforms, and if possible, do business with him.

Consulting businesses

Should you wish to engage or connect with the advocate, you may do so via a rainbow of entities, depending on your business or personal needs. These include the following:

Abduroaf Inc.: Networking

Business SA (Pty) Ltd: Start up and business development

Envirolaws (Pty) Ltd: Environmental Legal Consultancy

Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd: Family Law Legal Advice and Services

Feel free to connect to the advocate and network with him.

You may email him at [email protected] or call 0211110090








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