Registering your Ante-Nuptial Contract – Cape Town

Registering Ante Nuptial Contract First of all, it is crucial to note that if you get married without an Ante Nuptial Contract, you are automatically married in community of property. But what exactly is the purpose of having an ANC? An ANC is an agreement in black and white between two parties before entering into marriage. The agreement stipulates how assets will be dealt with in the event of divorce or death. Having an ante nuptial contract benefits you in the following ways: Debt incurred by the other party, will not be affect you financially due to the ANC in place. The ANC can be drafted and tailored according to your circumstances so you can get the most out it. The ANC allows the parties to remain separate in estates. Parties will not need each other’s consent in financial dealings. Parties can maintain their own financial independence. To have your I want to learn more

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