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Legal Topics: Help us provide you with the website content you want

Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd has over 3000, yes, three thousand legal questions, comments and answers on its website. The number increases every day. We try to answer all questions posted on the same or next day. On top of it all, it is totally free. These questions, comments, and answers deal with a range of legal topics. The problem is, they only deal with the topics and post we believe is relevant and therefore place it on our website. This we want to change. We also want your input on what legal content we create and post on this platform.

Currently, Our Lawyer provides a platform for users on our site to post a question, and have it answered. Users may opt to answer questions already answered, or provide additional comments. The idea is to make this website as interactive and user-friendly as possible.

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We, therefore, want to make our website more user-focused and provide our readers with relevant content that they find interesting and want to know more about. If the public wants to know about something legally, Our Lawyer wants to take time to educate them on it. Obviously, we can’t write on every legal topic suggested. However, we will decide what to write on based on the feedback we receive.

Kindly complete the short questionnaire below and let us know what you want Our Lawyer to write about and how to better develop our website. Sharing this page would be hugely appreciated.

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