A specialized legal expert is the best way to go!

Why you should consider a specialized legal expert

Having a specialized legal expert to deal with your legal matter can take a load off your shoulders and help you see things in greater perspective. When the legal expert specializes within a particular part of the law, it means they have greater insight into the legal matter.

At our law offices, we are legal specialists in family law and luckily, the branches of family extend to:

For an online appointment, call our law offices on 021 424 3487 and get your expert legal today. We are centrally located in the heart of the City Bowl at Suit 702, 7th Floor, The Pinnacle, corner of Burg and Strand Street, Cape Town.

Legal Expert Vs Attorney

There is a common confusion between the two terms – both have knowledge about the legal field but this knowledge but is extended to different degrees. However, an Attorney should have studied the law and graduated successfully from an accredited school of law. Furthermore, they should have license to practice law.

Based on the nature of our private legal consultancy, we are simply legal advisors who does not necessary appear in the local courts but have legitimate knowledge on the law to advise you as the way forward. What sets our consultancy aside from the rest is that we are legal experts in family law and can set you up with an Attorney if needed. We are specialists in child maintenance, divorce and child custody.

Feel free to visit our legal terms explained page for more information. Call our law offices today for an online appointment on 021 424 3487 today!

Find a specialized expert

Our law offices are situated in the heart of the buzzing CBD at Suit 702, 7th floor, The Pinnacle, corner of Strand and Burg Street. We are legal experts in family law whereby we offer a range of family law legal services. These are:


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