Domestic violence – a rife problem in South Africa

Domestic violence cases in South Africa

As a legal consultancy, we deal with domestic violence cases on a regular basis. Most of the situations are unique and comes with its own set of dynamics in which the legal expert will have to make the appropriate legal call.

It is safe to say, if we may, that most times the cases we deal with involves women and children as the vulnerable targets in the process.

The legal expert have cleverly compiled some free, expert legal advice articles that may be of help to the layperson who happens to stumble across our website.

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Types of domestic violence in South Africa

Often, we mistake domestic violence as only physical and this is not the case. Below are some brief examples of the different types of domestic violence and abuse:

  • Control
  • Physical
  • Emotional and Domination
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Economic Abuse
  • Physiological Abuse

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How does the Domestic Violence Act protect citizens?

The Domestic Violence Act 116 or 1198, was introduced to afford woman the right to protect themselves by which they can enforce their rights legally if they fear for their life – the Act highlights that domestic violence as a serious offense.

Victims of domestic violence, woman and children that is, can now stand up for themselves by virtue of a protection order or restraining order.

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Defending Protection Order in South Africa

First of all, a Protection Order or harassment order serves as a direct order from court which should be adhered to. Any violation of a court’s instruction can be legally detrimental. The court order granted, will only be suitable to the person suffering any form of violence or harassment.

A Protection Order is mainly applicable in cases of domestic violence in which the perpetrator lives with the victim. In a case of harassment, the perpetrator is not living with the victim. This is where a harassment order comes in.

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