Krugersdorp Top tips and tricks from a Senior Family Law Advocate on how to Apply to the Children’s Court in a care and contact dispute

Top tips from a Senior Family Law Advocate on how to deal with your Child Custody matter in the Krugersdorp Children’s Court   Family law legal matters can be very stressful. This is so whether you live in Krugersdorp or any other city in South Africa. Especially so if you have no idea how the legal processes work. It is one thing to know that you are entitled to child support, but it is a totally different matter to know the law and procedure on how to claim child support. Luckily in child maintenance matters, the maintenance court is there to assist you in completing the application form. However, many times that is not enough. Especially so if the other parent has a lawyer and knows how to present the case for his or her client. This article, however, deals with some top tips in care and contact or custody I want to learn more

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