DIY Access and Custody (Care and Contact) Court Application

DIY Child Custody Care and Contact

Reclaim your care and contact rights to you child today and DIY today.

Legal and business servicesEvery Parent has the right to have contact and access to his or her child. Parental Responsibilities and Rights benefits the child, just as much as it benefits the parents. However, what sometimes happens, is that one parent would act unreasonable. This unreasonableness would not be in the minor child’s best interest. For example, one parent would refuse the other contact to the minor child. If this happens, the law steps in because the minor child’s best interests would not be met by unreasonable refusal of contact. The High Court as upper guardian of all minor children, does not care about the parents. Their primary focus is what is in the minor child’s best interest. However, not all parents can afford lawyers. This is where our DIY service comes in.

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Going to court on your own

Unfortunately, to enforce your rights to have contact to your child, entails going to court. And courts costs money should you employ attorneys and advocates. However, did you know you can approach the Court yourself, without an attorney or advocate? This option is available to all parents, even if you wish to approach the High Court for assistance. However, should you make an application in the high court, you would require some guidance as they do not have forms to fill in, as the Children’s Court does. However, whatever forum you choose, with some guidance, you can attend to the application yourself in the right forum.

Does the follow apply to you in relation to Contact and Custody?

  • You are a bit cash strapped and want to apply for care or contact to your child, but cannot afford the attorney and advocate costs involved?
  • Have you been experiencing problems with seeing your kids or want your parental responsibilities and rights engraved in a court order?
  • You are competent enough to represent yourself in a court case and DIY?

If you answered yes to the questions above; we offer a Do It Yourself (DIY) service whereby we advise you on drafting your care or contact application. We also advise you on how to take your matter to court on your own. If you are interested in this service, make an appointment with us today to enforce your rights as a parent.





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