Panel Discussion – Child Maintenance – Child Custody (28 March 2020 at 14:00)

Child Maintenance and Child Custody Difficulties in light of the National Lockdown – (COVID-19)

Host: Felicity An Guest (Child Maintenance Difficulties SA)


-Muhammad Abduroaf (Advocate) – www.ourlawyer.co.za/advocate

-Nicole Lawrence (Attorney) – Attorney & Director of Nicole Lawrence Attorneys, Cape Town [email protected] 071 456 9105 (Firm cell number)

-Ayesha Karim (Attorney) – Director at Ayesha Karim Attorneys- Durban (KZN) [email protected]

-Dr. Lesley Ann Foster – Woman’s Rights International – www.masimanyane.org.za


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One thought on “Panel Discussion – Child Maintenance – Child Custody (28 March 2020 at 14:00)

  1. Hi…I am currently facing an ongoing case involving my xhusband. I have been trying to locate his whereabouts for 4 years and get a divorce. I received no assistance and have been recently threatened to have my kids taken away from a social worker here in Cape Town South Africa. I approached the Court she is working through to explain to them that I need to have a protection order against him and that we need a lawyer. They have legal aid lawyers on their board however they have not got back to me? I believe a hearing was done without my presence and I am becoming highly concerned as to who has organised this. I informed them that it is an obstruction to our case and called for witness protection and that it’s harbouring a criminal should they continue with their acts against me. We are European Citizens and I did inform them that I will not appear in any courts with my children without a lawyer presented to assist us with our case against my xhusband for the financial maintenance abuse as well as having us thrown out on the streets with nothing. We have not received a reply back and we are sitting here in an extremely vulnerable position. I did make reports out to some organisations concerning our situation. Please we are urgently requiring assistance. I believe my xhusband may be trying to indirectly gain access to my kids and he will take them across the borders without my consent even though we are still married. He has free access through the borders as he works in security. I do not have airtime to call and The court had a hearing two days ago. This is an emergency call. My contact details …

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