Felicity An Guest – A mother, a fighter and our child activist

Felicity An Guest and Adv Megan Naidu


By Adv. Megan Naidu

Felicity An Guest and Adv Megan Naidu
Felicity An Guest and Adv Megan Naidu

Today, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with Ms Felicity An Guest. A woman who is paving the way forward for many single parents out there. She is on a remarkable journey and her story is one that will capture you and leave you inspired. Ms Guest experienced her fair share of legal battles for the past 7 years and as a result, she can inspire and help those who are in the same situation.

The Divorce Process – A Battle

Starting the divorce process is not easy for anyone, especially if it is an opposed divorce and children were born from the marriage. As many would know, such divorces can take years to finalize. The emotional, and financial strain it takes on an individual is immense, yet you have to have the strength to push through.

Taking on the challenge – Courage

Each case is unique, however, Ms Guest faced a more complicated matter, which led to an ongoing battle for years. With 5 children to raise, one being mentally handicapped, she had to deal with a fraudulent divorce and as a result, she and her children did not receive any form of maintenance from her ex-husband. As difficult as this may be on a person, Ms Guest did not lose hope and as a result, she used the struggles she faced as an opportunity to educate and empower those who require guidance and support.

The activist – One of a kind

Felicity is an activist against human rights abuse. The latest issue she is tackling is financial abuse. Commonly known as economic abuse which can be described as “the unreasonable deprivation of economic or financial resources to which the victim is entitled to under law or requires out of necessity.” This can be seen as a “form of control or manipulation” says Felicity, which can come from a partner in a relationship or a spouse in a marriage. As a result, the children, if any, get caught in the middle and sadly fall victim to this form of abuse.

Facing injustice – But not afraid

Experiencing this type of injustice first hand, and hearing the stories of many women across all walks of life has made Felicity Guest a force to be reckoned with. She sits with the board of directors acting as Vice Chairman for Child Maintenance Difficulties in South Africa. Above that, she plays an active role in keeping the cause alive by creating awareness around the issue of Maintenance and other various topics. Felicity has engaged with key role players who are fighting for justice and equality in our country. She also wrote to the President of South Africa and the United Nations, submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Justice, lodged a complaint to the Human Rights Commission as well as arranged protests. Felicity has made many appearances on television and radio shows, not to mention the huge following she has on all social media platforms.

Going social – Getting us all involved

About 5 years ago, Felicity An Guest started a Facebook group called “Child Maintenance Difficulties in South Africa”. The group highlights many issues single-headed households face when a parent or child does not receive financial support. Felicity created the platform so people can share their stories and as a result, receive the support and advice they seek. Felicity aims to make people more knowledgeable and aware of their rights.   The group has been gaining momentum ever since.

Reaching out to many – Breaking boundaries

The Facebook Group currently has over Fifty-Six Thousand members on it who post daily of their individual experiences when dealing with maintenance matters. This is a clear example of the impact Felicity has on the livelihood of many. However it does not stop there, Felicity and her team have recently launched a National Child Support Awareness week which will commence on the 4th of December to the 10th of December 2019 as well as an International Child Support day on the 10th of December 2019.

Amazing person – And yet so humble

In conclusion, when I think of a way to describe Ms Guest, a famous quote comes to mind: “One day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” This truly captures what an incredible woman Ms Guest is. A big thank you to Felicity and her team for the amazing work they are doing. Keep shedding your light on the lives of thousands.


For more information about Felicity and her team, head over to their Facebook page and be a part of the change.

Consult with Felicity An Guest

Should you wish to have an advice consultation with Ms Guest, kindly complete the form below. The fee would be R 500 – 00 (Five Hundred Rand) for an hour. Please note that it is not legal advice. The advice would be based on her experiences.

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