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Obtaining Legal advice is very expensive. Face to face consultations can cost you time off work and loss of income or leave days. Furthermore, on the phone one gets to the point faster and there is little time for trivialities.

A service is therefore available where you can telephonically and / or video (Skype / FaceTime) consult with a legal consultant of Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd, and at the end of the telephonic / video consultation, you should have some guidance on your matter. The bottom line is; simple usable advice would be provided.

This service would especially be useful for people who want to know how to go about getting maintenance, they right to their children, or about divorce and whether or not there are merits in their cases. Fathers who want to know how to go about in obtaining access to their children would also find this service very welcoming. This service also makes the legal advice more accessible to the public.

Feel free to submit and enquiry to us by completing the form below. We shall be in contact with you shortly. An automated reply may be assistance whilst you wait for us to view your message.

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