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What is a marriage out of community of property?

In South Africa, a Marriage out of community of property is a legal arrangement that allows a married couple to keep their financial assets and liabilities separate from each other. This means that each spouse has full ownership and control over their own property and finances, and they are not automatically responsible for each other’s debts and financial obligations. They have to enter into an antenuptial contract.¬† In the event of a divorce or the death of one spouse, the assets and debts of each spouse are usually distributed according to the terms of an ante-nuptial contract.

There are typically two main types of marital property regimes when it comes to marriage out of community of property:

  1. Marriage out of community of property with accrual: In this type of arrangement, the couple’s financial affairs are separate during the marriage, but they agree that if the marriage ends (either through divorce or death), the growth or increase in the value of their respective assets during the marriage will be shared equally. This means that any assets or wealth acquired before the marriage remains separate, but the increase in value of these assets during the marriage is subject to sharing.
  2. Marriage out of community of property without accrual: In this arrangement, the financial separation between spouses is strict. Each spouse’s assets and debts are entirely their own, and there is no sharing of assets or growth in assets during the marriage. In the event of divorce or death, each spouse retains what they brought into the marriage, and any assets acquired during the marriage are not subject to sharing.

It’s important to note that the specific laws and regulations governing marriage property regimes vary from one country to another. Some jurisdictions might have default rules regarding property division upon divorce or death, and couples may have the option to enter into prenuptial agreements or other legal arrangements to customize their property rights based on their preferences.

Marriage out of community of property is often chosen by individuals who want to maintain separate financial identities and protect their individual assets, especially if they have significant wealth or assets before entering the marriage. However, it’s important for couples to understand the legal implications of their chosen property regime and to consult with legal professionals to ensure that their rights and intentions are properly documented and protected.

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